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I have just been offered a job as a trainee trader and now just concerned that in order to register with the FSA if I was in overdraft would this be a problem, it is a student account. I dont have any debts or ccj's. What other criteria are required to be registered with the FSA.


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If you have an overdraft or have ever been more than £50 in debt then I think there's no way you can ever get FSA registration.

These were certainly the rules last time I checked but they may have got even stricter.


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If you take the exams and pass and you pay your money you will get registration. As to what the FSA will register you as depends on what you are trying to register as and what regulation the company can hold . Whether you have an overdraft is not an issue unless you have defaulted on debt obligations and legal action has been or is being taken. So just get into the past paper book and start grafting.

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An overdraft is no problem. As long as you have not been made bankrupt, defaulted on loans etc.

The thing about FSA application is to be as honest as possible and declare all your defaults, loan arrangements etc.

I have been FSA registered many times, including when I have had overdrafts.

I also know of people who have had ccj's, declared the fact to the FSA, got their employer to clear the debt, and then FSA agreed approval / registration.

Just be honest with your application. If you don't declare everything on your application, FSA will do a background check, and if they find anything you haven't admitted to, you will not be registered because you are a dishonest person.


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VicS said:
cheers guys for info.

Hello Vics

Do you know the the process and how to become FSA reg. I have contacted FSA but keep fogging me off.

Would you know the web link and appication form as I cannot find it.

the answar to your question about an Overdarft is you can be overdrawn, but without ccj's, daulfts. You will have to pass a credit check first.

Please could you provide me the link.



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Having an overdraft or bad credit doesn't stop you from being registered.....just think of all teh gards going into banks!!!!!! do you think they come out of a 3-4 yr course with a positive balance
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