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When you can’t do what you know is right for you, then most probably you lack discipline. We often confuse it with psychological problems but as you said you were disciplined and were making profits unless you found leverage. This clearly shows that you left discipline behind as you start getting successful. I think you should move back to a small account, set some rules and try implementing them without deviating from your path.

Beg to differ Catchpole.

If you say someone lacks discipline then you need to subject them to some form of corrective conditioning behaviour. Usually against their wish. One can not say I need to discipline myself and then proceed to punish oneself for breaking one's rule.

If one does do that then you have a Jeckly and Hyde character on your hands. The problem is indeed a psychological one. The gentleman knows he is doing wrong and indeed he is right in his assessment of himself. BUT that other geezer does what he wants as well and their lies ones psychotic behaviour.
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I see that there are some solid suggestions here, I'm curious as to whether you tried anything different or made any changes in the last couple of months? Are you still trading on your live account or did you go back to demo?


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Many people face the same issue initially. Either they lose all their money or they leave trading just in the fear of it. I think trading on a demo account can help these people. Just think of it as a real market and the money is real. You can fight over it.


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I would suggest you to demo trade for a while. See how trades can be profitable for you. Notice how you are not affected by losses. Note down some useful suggestions for yourself from the demo trading sessions. Place these notes near your trading setup when you start to trade next time.


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It seems you have FOMO and this thing clearly shows in your experience. Plus as far I can guess you have not a habit of applying SL. If you dont have control on emotions then you should start using SL and TP so that it can save you from fear and greed. Try to bring this into your trading routine religiously.
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