or Esignal?


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I would be interested in the views of members concerning their preferred charting facility to integrate with IB.

With the improvements that seem to be making, is it closing in on E signal as the charting package most preferred by traders or is E signal, when using an IB intraday account, still ahead of the race?

I'm hearing good things about Sierra too!

Finally, I have noticed that seems to have been more reliable of late.

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Try Medved Quotetracker. I use it, I think you will like it.

It has everything you need for your style of trading. It is free unless and until you register. Even then the cost is trivial.

If you decide to add the L2 arrow to your quiver it has that as well. Not as sophisticated as some but adequate.




I don't know anything about E signal but I have used Sierra with a feed from Mytrack and I am currently using a Prophet Gold membership. I much prefer Prophet, everything is on their website, there is no data feed to worry about, I think with an IB feed you only get live data, nothing historical, so another feed is required for backfill if you miss any data.
I also recently tried Quote Tracker with some free trial feeds, although you can get a free feed from Scottrade if you pretend to live in the US and give a fictitious address there. Quote tracker is very good, I almost don't which I prefer out of Prophet and Quote Tracker, but I will be using Prophet (as I am paying for it) but Quote tracker as well.
I for some reason did not like Sierra very much, do not really know why. I would have a good look round, there are lots of free trials, so you can find out the one you prefer without paying out too much.
Hope this helps, but I suspect it has only mudied the waters a bit more.

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eSignal is a standalone charting package - eSignal provide all the data - historical and current. The 'integration with IB' bit is just if you trade - you click on a 'trade' button within eSignal and it brings up TWS.

Personally, I've always preferred eSignal to Quotetracker and Sierra (though I haven't used Prophet) - but of course eSignal is a hell of a lot more expensive than everything else.




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MMillar and Dave,

Thank you for the replies, which I will look at in details.

Dave, are you coming out for a drink on Tuesday evening with the gang?

Best wishes,

Jerry Medved

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FYI - QuoteTracker can be used with datafeed (same as ProphetStation). Will be adding true streaming support for Prophet shortly as well as their Level II.

QT does full support for Interactive brokers. Just added Integrated trading support for MB Trading and optionsXpress. Will be adding aggregated Level II (NASDAQ Level II + ECN Books on 1 display) shortly as well.

davelong - Scottrade is a really cr*ppy datafeed. Does not show the full potential of QuoteTracker. If your broker is on our supported list, you would be better off with that, or get a trial subscription with one of the recommended data vendors. I know that and IQFeed both have free trials.

Jerry Medved


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Jerry - thanks for that info. I use IB for trading but I understand that they don't backfill charts, which for me is essential. Which data feed is best for r/t with backfill? I trade the US and UK.

What do you other QT users recommend? I already have MyTrack as part of my ODL account for options so could be the obvious choice, but would be interested in knowing which other find best in practice with QT.

Jerry Medved

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From what I hear, IB is working on making Backfill data available. myTrack should work if you need US and European data. Also, we support ADVFN for UK (free) and will be supporting MoneyAM very soon. Both have Backfill, though MoneyAM datafeed should be much better.

Prophet streaming quotes are for US markets only as far as I know. They do support other markets for historical charts. Will have to check if there are any plans to add streaming support for those markets
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