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Morning. I'm in the middle of opening an account with IB. I only trade the S&P 500.

I could do with some wise tips on who to use for marketdata feeds/charting.

SierraCharts seems like good value for money. But will I end up with piles on non-contiguous data files on my PC, if so is this a problem? I have a BT broadband feed so I guess I could leave my PC on all the time collecting data.

Alternatively hQuotes collects data from quote.com, however when I've pulled data off the free sites before notice the opening prices are the same as the previous nights close - which is pants for futures trading as I need to know the opening range

However eSignal is also popular, I believe orders can be triggered and routed to IB for execution from the charts. Do I need this, or is it just a convenience?

Thanks for any tips
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Hi Nick,

I use the Mytrack/Sierra combo and it's very good mostly. Also run an IB fed copy of Sierra at the same time. The combination works well as sometimes the Mytrack feed in unreliable for the ESTX50 which is what I trade.
Thanks Helen,

What myTrack package and options would you recommend for a US futures trader? I couldn't get my head round all the options. I just need something basic to start with (also read cheap) after all I'm coming from the simple d4f charts. I would like to see the overnight globex trading, simultaneous interday charts in different time frames and with no holes from days where I didn't have my pc on.

The e-signal idea of direct linking to IB might be fun if I could just invent that perfect trading system. Is that what it's for? If I tried to automate some of the things I do manually I'm sure I'd empty my account. Have I missed the point though? Or maybe its just an alternaive order entry screen which I can therefore do with it.

Thanks again ! Nick
You might want to consider having myTrack's silver plan at $20 per month; this gives you real-time intraday and historical data. On top of that you will need to pay $10 per month for the CMELimited feed (for ES and NQ futures), plus $25 per month for myTrack's fee to run their data on Sierra. And then there's the cost of Sierra (only a few dollars a month).

The above combination will give you overnight Globex data as well as during market hours, with no data gaps.

If you run Sierra using data from IB you get gaps unless you are able to have it running all the time (and IB has a cut-off time on their trading platform to ensure people log-off from their account at least once every 24 hours). And you still, of course, have to pay for the Sierra software.

I don't know anyone who uses eSignal data, and it's not a popular option among T2W members.

Of course, if you're making loads of dosh trading futures rather than through D4F (which of course you will), then paying for proper software and feed will cost you peanuts (the equivalent of two ES points per month).

I use Lycos at $100 per month because I like to use T&S. I also have Sierra and run it via IB if there is any data problem with Lycos (which happens rarely).

Hope this helps.
Hi Nick,

You just need the Sliver plan and the feed for ES, which is cmeLtd $10 a month. The you need to pay for the Sierra Feed $25 a month. You won't get holes in your data with Mytrack. But the price I have given you doesn't include the overnight data.

I've only ever trialed e-signal but it's more expensive than Mytrack.
One thing to be aware of is that the IB servers close down for a certain period nightly. So this would corrupt data. As far as I understand it.
I have seen this covered on the Sierra and IB bb's but haven't paid much attention to it.

The only chart I can think of that runs 24 hrs is the cmc chart.
But seeing as that tracks cmc's prices it won't be a true representation.

Anyone know of any others for the S&P? Even the lycos one stops in the morning. (ours).

Thanks Nick. Though 15 min delayed for trading the S&P?
Pass on that one.


clintgray - are you using Stockwatch Pro because you need the additional charting tools and indicators? Otherwise, it seems to me that you are paying $40 for Stockwatch Pro on top of the $100 per month you are paying for Qcharts. I'm just curious.
Yep, it's not free but definitely worth the price. Stockwatch pro pretty much has everything I need. I use realtime scanner, back tester, indicator alerts. I can chart 3 and 5min stochastic together, which is quite useful. Works well with TWS.