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Hello traders,

I need some guidance please.

Having enjoyed a thoroughly good day on Friday with Mr. Charts, and with an enhanced sense of self-confidence and determination, I am looking to the mechanics of physically setting up my trading platform on my desktop within the next fortnight. I want to incorporate a direct access account with IB for the Pattern Day Trader through E Signal. Sounds fine so far. However, I know that I shall probably end up in a complete mess trying to fill the screen (interface) with the trading tools and TA facilities I favour and with which I feel comfortable. I would require access to the following:

1. Obviously, the stock chart being traded in candlestick formation with certain TA indicators running alongside, plus time and sales.

2. A facility to monitor appropriate sectors and futures relevant to the stock I am trading. Can I do this, for example, by allocating an 'F' button on the keyboard to switch back and forth between the stock, the sector and the appropriate futures?

3. Is there a facility on E Signal which will show up-to-date information on the relevant sector to the stock currently under scrutiny? For example, if I am trading a tech stock, can I hit a button to see a chart, or other info, depicting the state of the tech sector generally? Similarly, with the relevant futures?

Are there others among us who are at this point in their trading careers where, armed with sufficient confidence and knowledge, the move forward begins in earnest? And maybe, like me, you are not intimidated at the prospect of trading, but are at the prospect of setting up and developing a user-friendly cockpit with the controls that are required without unnecessary bells and whistles? You know the sort of thing: "I want that chart placed right there on the screen, and I want that chart up there, and this piece of information down here and that piece of information there. And I want to be able to hit a button and see this and that, etc. etc."

In the process of setting up my trading platform is there anyone out there (a mentor, as opposed to a tormentor) who, armed with knowledge of E signal and IB would be willing to assist me by way of telephone or e mail if I need some advice on the sheer practicalities of constructing this? For example, if I find that my screen, after I have programmed it, is displaying half a chart of a Vietnamese stock, a web cam transmitting pictures from Faliraki and an early recording of Eldorado, then urgent assistance will be required!

I understand that IB and E Signal have their own customer services facilities.

Those of you in your twenties and thirties could probably do it all in a matter of minutes; for some of us a little older (49 only!) it takes just a little longer!

Many thanks.

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Hi Sean,
Let me know when you've subscribed to esignal and we'll fix up a mutually convenient time for me to phone you and talk you through my own set up. As you know I'm swamped with coaching sessions at present but I would be delighted to find the time, as soon as I possibly can, to help you all I can :)
Best wishes,

PS Thanks again for a super day and lunch
Many thanks indeed, Richard. That would be most useful.

I hope you managed to get some rest this weekend. Good luck with your future travels and thank you so much for all your kind assistance on Friday. It was great to meet you and learn from you.

Best wishes,