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Has anyone used this facility for FUTURES? (GOLD service)

They seem very cheap at about $40 pcm for ALL major exchanges (GLOBEX, LIFFE, Eurex, Cbot etc)

Whats the accuracy and speed like?

How come they are so cheap, when a monthly subscription to data from one of these exchanges is usually $30ish??

Is this too good to be true? Any catch??

All responses most welcomeeeeee


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They source their data 3rd party from DTN.IQ..
IQ..can be problematic but no where near Qcharts has recently you've got prophet's distribution to contend with ;)
If your not a one minute scalper..there should be no probs :?:
Fine for Bolly bands ect.. not so good for us Golden mean boys :cheesy:

Cheers CJ
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There are price tradeoff issues to contend with - first the datafeed quality/reliabilty& second the slowness of a browser based interface


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Thanks guys. Both helpful.

If/when I decide to switch to futures, it will probably be from 5 min charts or 30 min charts for bonds/fixed income, and a lot of spreads.

Your comments seem to justify the price? May be worth a punt while I get started - until add full futures feeds for Eurex to their basic service (all I need really)

What I'm looking for is a basic streaming chart service. The only functionality I require being reliability [speed & accuracy], ATR and B Bands. Given this, I'm trying to avoid the costs of an Aspen Graphics or CQG set up - as I wont need half their features. BUT trying to avoid the unreliability (so I'm told) of Qcharts. I guess my biggest problem will be that 'all in one' packages seem to focus on US futures, where as it would be nice to also get Eurex & LIFFE (for FTSE) as prophet do..

If prophet is no good, I guess mean old BBB will have to put his hand in his pocket for once! Don't want to be blaming my tools for poor workmanship do I!


Have you considered QuoteTracker with IQ feed??
Pricing as follows....

OR DTN.IQ own package works out around $45 per month if paid annually... beats getting it 3rd party :idea:

They cover most futures exchanges...they've definitely got there act together lately :cool:

Hope this helps...

CJ -

( Cab's my other half's caroline's user name in...forgot to log in as a320 doh.. :eek: )
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