Problems with USB adsl and CMC


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I've just switched to a usb adsl and after an hour or so of trading it drops out. It can't seem to handle the CMC platform. Has anyone else suffered this problem or is it just my pc. Used to have an rj45 cable modem which never had any problems!

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no problems here...
cmc is up and down like a fiddlers ar$e at the moment so i doubt its your set up




Are you not able to use an ethernet connection ? on mine you have the option and in my view ethernet is better.



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Ethernet is much better.

However BT for Home is always presented as USB from the supplied modem.

I bought a new Modem/Wireless Gateway that presents Ethernet and the performance change is noticeable.



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cd173 not sure if this is your problem but when I first started using my Alcatel Frog (USB modem) I had lots of problems with it disconnecting - the lights on the modem went out and the PC needed to be rebooted before it would work again. This happened at variable times from the PC being switched on and wasn't always under load.

After much searching on the web etc I discovered that the Alcatel modem (and maybe others) draws a high current from the USB connection and this can sometimes be too much for the USB sockets on your motherboard. The modem was a bit higher than the USB spec allowed in terms of current drain. My fix was to get a powered USB hub, since then my modem has worked a treat. In fact I now have a hub in my lovely Iiyama monitor and it works a treat.

I'm developing and researching my systems but for live trading I would probably go for an ethernet always on ADSL connection with built in firewall etc. Solwise ( are pretty good for these and the SAR routers are the ones I would probably go for.

Hope this helps

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