Problem with share competition 18/08


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No trades have been executed. I guess you know this already but cant find a thread dealing with problems to check status. This one can be deleted if its a duplicate.

Thanks, Kevin.
Thanks for letting me know kevinmcm, I made a change to the server over the weekend, and it looks like it stopped the orders getting processed, I've reverted to the old settings, and will have to look this evening as to why it didn't work. Hopefully should be fine now - hope no one's got too bad a fill because of it. I hear T2W slippage is some of the worst! ;)
Sharky, my WIE buy trade was executed at 41p rather than the 39p price at 9:27 when I placed it! That's over 5% above!
No worries Monty,

I'll update later today. If anyone else suffered badly from the late fills, add them to this thread and I'll do all the updates in one go.