UK Share Competition Rules


The current rules to our monthly UK share competition:
  • Every player can have a maximum of 5 UK companies in their portfolio.
  • Each companies' shares can be bought or shorted.
  • You can now trade any time! If you trade outside market hours of 8:00am - 4.30pm then your trade will be executed at 9:00 am the next market day.
  • All trades during market hours are logged and executed after 20 mins. This is because we use an approx. 20 min delayed feed, and therefore achieves near-realtime trades!
  • Players start with £50,000.00 in fantasy cash with which to trade and are permitted to spend any amount they wish on each company.
  • The competition starts and ends on the dates specified.
  • Shorting a company is dealt with exactly as buying except you short on the bid price, rather than buy on the ask price. And you profit when the price goes down rather than up, covering on the ask price.
  • There are no commission or other payment charges such as stamp duty payable on trades, you ONLY pay the spread.
  • Prizes will be awarded a maximum of two times to the same player in any 12 month period.
  • Players are not permitted to use multiple registrations in order to stand a better chance of winning. Players found to be doing this will be immediately banned from T2W and any prizes due to them will be made void.
  • Any problems or questions, please email [email protected].
Hi Paul,
A query that has gone unanswered that I posted on another thread. . .

There appears to be a discrepancy between the main 'homepage' of the comp' forum and what is stated in the rules.
"Trade2Win, in association with Finspreads, are pleased to announce that this month’s prize is a whopping £500, deposited into the winners' Finspreads account. There is no limit to the number of times you can win."
Rule # 9 suggests otherwise:
Prizes will be awarded a maximum of two times to the same player in any 12 month period.