Pro,Upda or Share ?


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An update on Updata bug problems with 301.

Seems like Updata's customer support is improving. They have sent me 2 patches in last few days which have cleared most of the major charting problems mentioned above. They should pay me as a bug catcher.



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Well Updata have given me build 301 for Trader.

Loaded it Ok after some hassle (new Prestel ID, no verification code!).. must say it LOOKS a lot better.. BUT no fibonacci retracements..some funnies (now solved) and as usual don't read the manual unless absolutely stuck.

My conclusions: indifference. Its charting is not that good (and compared to Linnsoft it's very basic), it's not very obvious how to use watch lists for example (and the process of adding items is longwinded) and I had a number of installation funnies..In fact if I had not used Trader Pro 1 I think I would have struggled a lot more than I did.

My opinion is that it is no longer 5 years behind the times as Trader Pro 1 was but only 2 now. I think for what you get it is still grossly overpriced.

Ther are better systems and it's just not worth the money...


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Trading platform

I've still not found anything to beat as a live TA site.

It lacks a stock scanner but that will be rectified when it shifts from being browser based to Windows stand alone system based.

And you can trade US and UK instruments/shares/futures etc.

data is live intraday.



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ANY software that is in development and has basic issues unaddressed and basic faults: like deleting trend lines causing a crash - is unusable : see the IRD website!

I like software which works: and which is developed but tested..
That rules out most UK software - worst luck (Sharescope is EOD but VERY good and is the exception: most of the rest look like stuff developed by cowboys).

I always look at what the user groups say before I buy - now anyway. If they are complaiing about basic issues then my attitude is to go elsewhere. After all if I buy a new car I expect it all to work perfectly under all road conditions: why should software be any different?


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Hi mad.

What software would you say is worth a look. Software that is live feed and has a range of TA tools?

I am still looking and find most will trade UK or US stocks but rarely both.



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I use Investor RT with Mytrack feed.

You can load a free demo version... can track all UK,European and US stocks and futures depending upon which Mytrack feeds you pay for. RT of course but also includes end of day as well.

Fully programmmable and can have indicators set to what you like. Full list of TA indicators at

All net based support plus Yahoo Group worth joining...

plus chat line at 9.30pm on Tuesdays (Mirc) linnsoft on Othernet

Scans over different periods as well, change periods of charts and sessions and share future etc by pushing a preset button which you set up.

Best I've seen at the price...


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Typical Linnsoft chart (if there is such a thing aas it is so flexible)


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One final point :

on choosing software which is to consider the financial stability and viability of the software provider. It's no good having the best in the world if the supplier goes out of business..

I (again) use the volume of correspondence on the yahoo/in-house bbs as a guide to the 1. customer sentiment and 2.the volume of users (based on the number of posts, and the number of obvious new users).

I note in the US two competitors of Linnsoft have closed doors as a result of the last 2 years' bad markets leading to declining sales (amongst other things). The volume of new posts on Linnsoft has increased significantly as users switch to them.

Any supplier which is not taking on new business must be struggling in these markets. Learning how to best use new software is a big investment in time and energy: I do not wish to be forced to do it again...(IRD are closed for new business at present: why they do not state but I would be concerned if I was a user)
Your last comment is very true indeed - it's just such as shame that many people appear not to do their research beforehand.

You just have to see the rantings and ravings (pun intended) at the Ravenquote users group to appreciate how traders are totally dependent on their software, and when the company folds they are left up the creek without a paddle.



For those people who are interested I attended a very interesting Technical Analysis Seminar held by Updata last month which proved to be very worthwhile and fruitful.

I like many others on this board had become very frustrated and cynical about what seemed to be going on at Updata especially at the alarming rate some companies were going belly up. I like many others have paid a lot of money for this software and did not want the company to disappear leaving me with a poor substitute for a trading package.

I have build 301 although my version appears to be something like a third generation 301 as I have had improvements on the previous without the build number being adjusted which I think is bad control, however saying that I am very pleased with it. I have had no problems running the software except for very minor issues and I am very pleased with the package (allbeit slow getting to this stage).

Anyway, the seminar was very worthwhile with Updata giving a brief demonstration of their latest add on package to TPII which really answers any T/A questions as it is a package put together by Jeremy du Plessis ex head of Indexia. I would suggest that for those people who feel that the array of facilities available on TPII are not enough for them this looks like the product for you. I must admit I am a little sceptical what price they intend to put on it though.

However I myself am very interested in it and will be paying close attention to what its like when it is released as the last thing we want is another product which does not do what it should. I agree with the many threads complaining about the slowness of Updata to correcting the many bugs that TPII had but now I think they have actually cracked it and the package is very good. I personally am sticking to what I know as the learning curves associated with switching packages is not feasible to someone like myself who earns a living out of trading.

At the seminar I have seen the future of where Updata is going and as someone who needs to trade world markets with fast data feeds I am convinced Updata are going to support my requirements for the future.

I must admit I have looked at loads of other packages in search of one that can satisfy all my requirements and a lot claim to do this although some of them look very Mickey Mouse. I set myself a target of deciding by Christmas which software to go for to allow me to trade UK, Euro and US markets in the future and I myself am sticking to Updata.

If anyone wants any further info then you can email me.


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latest updata 301 arrived

I've been Updata user since Feb 2001: generally excellent in my opinion, despite dozens of niggles and poor support. It paid for itself in 1.5 days, including the Pentium 4 system.

Latest version (build 301; full 32-bit) arrived today (Saturday) but will not load it till weekday, in anticipation of probs!

We must realise what an awesome task it is to write such software, and with so many op systems as bad as Windows, its a wonder anything works.

Pity it wasn't written for the Mac, my first love!

A version was meant to be coming out for the internet; not sure what happened to that.

Excellent idea for User Group; count me in!
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