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Pat Riley

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I've got an early flight today hence the ungodly hour up after too little sleep. Have stayed way beyond me scheduled stopover here and I have ta say I've rarely been so impressed with a place the people or a country. Absolutely love it.Am strongly drawn to being our man in Mexico City, no kidding. I could live here dead easy.

I'll be hitting London for the weekend before heading home so if there's any bashes goin on, drop me an invite.


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Pat Riley said:
Anything predictive for me tells me with 100% certainty what's going ta happen next.
This depends on what the word "next" means? is it 1 min, 5 mins, 30 mins, 1 day or a month or more? Prediction is one thing, and an exact prediction is another.
Prediction in a general direction is possible but to the exact point/time is impossible because one is always behind the curve, ie. "time" itself. Unless one can be outside of time! so one can see ahead of time!

Its like being a runner in the 100m race, you cannot know the exact time when the gun is shot so you can get off the starting line, you can only react after the shot. To be exact is to be the bullet itself!.....hence, always behind the curve and not the curve.

Lol. I confidently say with 100% conviction that the only thing certain about the market, is uncertainty.
So "uncertainty" can't be 100% true based on 100% conviction as conviction is only an opinion and not a fact.....

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