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Hi All,

My name is Alan Payne and I am a member of the staff here at, a new online financial spread betting company. We shall be launching our site on the 16th of February, however it is available for viewing at the moment. You can also request to sign up with us if you so wish.

As we are only starting out our coverage of Instruments is pretty limited however we shall be adding lots more over the coming months.

Please check on our website and let me know if you guys have any suggestions.

All comments good or bad are welcome.

Best Regards



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Your spreads on the main indicies are approximately 10 points.

What would make people want to use your new firm instead of the existing Spread firms that offer much better prices?


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As we shall only be launching on Monday we decided to keep the margin at 10 for the first while. This shall be reviewed after a couple of weeks of operation.



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Hi Alan

a few questions/comments

The sign-up page which asks for a lot of personal details is not a secure page. Will this be fixed? Anybody providing this detail via an unsecured page is exposing these details in plain text format to all servers between them and yourselves.

The domain name is registered to a Birmingham address and not a Dublin one. Any reason for this?

I'm not saying there is anything wrong by the way but I am raising these points as they would give me serious concern and I would not sign-up without fixes and answers.


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Is there a simulator/trial account available with your site so that we can get familiar with how it compares with other online sites?

Your margin requirement and spreads are lot more than say Capital Spreads so can see no reason to change at the moment.


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Why trade with you?

Why should anyone trade with you and not with the likes of Capital Spreads etc?

What sets your firm apart? ( It's certainly not narrow spreads is it ?)

You have to make an offer we cannot refuse to entice us away from other spread firms used by those here who spreadbet as opposed to trading via Direct Access.


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as someone who has been in involved with launching internet ventures in the past, i would have to concur with the posts above, from inconsistencies mentioed above particularly in terms of security, registration and not to mention spreads, your venture is doomed to fail. In this highly copetitive arena you have to have all things right, - and then some. Your spread size is your shop window and this is doing nothing for you. Unless you find a unique selling proposition (usp) you will not compete against the established players. I would not touch this site with a 10ft barge pole, and this is not because I am necessarily questioning your integrity, but because overall your client proposition just doesn't hang together or stand up to even basic srutiny as discussed in the posts above.

just my views.



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Many Thanks

Many thanks for your feedback. I shall review everybody's comments individually and reply to all queries very shortly.

Best Regards



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Just to reply to the previous questions asked:

1. We shall be encrypting our main sign up page very shortly. As previously stated we have just recently launched our site so there will be many changes coming soon.

2. Our Parent company is actually located in Birmingham and because of this our website has been registered to this address.

3. If you require a test account in order to try out our software please email [email protected] and we shall send you a test account.

4. We are located in Dublin, Ireland and therefore are governed under Jurisdiction of an Irish Law.

5. As I have previously stated we shall be reviewing the spread issue within the next couple of weeks and I shall inform you of all changes.



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I think you will find Alan that because your parent Company is located in Birmingham, and that is where your website is registered, you will have to become registered with the FSA very quickly. Your website is a trading portal and as such the location it is hosted constitutes an outlet for your products. Quid pro quo, you have a UK office, so you need to consult a lawyer to clear this up for sure.

I assume you also don't have a license for offering gambling products in the UK?

As others have said, why trade with an unregulated body that doesn't compete on spreads or unique selling points, like interest bearing accounts?

Your home page says, trade from 1 Euro !! Does this mean that UK clients also have an exchange rate exposure everytime they trade with you?

I also note that on your sign up page it asks for Debit Card details, but the three options are: Lazer, Mastercard and Visa. Now I know I've been on the other side of the world for a year, but aren't the latter two suppliers of credit cards? So you have got acceptance from them that they are happy to accept liability for gambling debts I hope?

I also note that you don't allow bets to be closed on markets which are not open for trading. This therefore means you aren't offering things like FTSE in the evening or Dow before the bell?

I also see this: "A user stakes 10.00 euros per point on buying CAC40 at 3500. Each euro staked represents 3500 of the underlying shares." - could you clarify what these 3500 shares actually are? The CAC40 is an index...



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Just to clear up a few points.

Our company is located in Dublin,Ireland and therefore is authorised to accept financial spread bets by the Irish Government. As stated previously all spreads shall be reviewed pretty shortly in order to become more competitive in the market. Yes currently as we are located in Dublin, Ireland we plan to market the Irish market to begin with and then expand further therefore all trades are processed in Euros. We do accept the following forms of credit/debit cards Visa, Master, Lazer, Delta and Switch. I know the CAC 40 is an index but we are just trying to explain the basis of financial spread betting to clients not as knowledgeable as yourself but I do agree with your comment.

Best Regards



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You're not FSA regulated and your site opens up in Chinese by default...
THANKS BUT NO THANKS... My money ain't going your way for sure.
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