Valentines Day T2W Launch!


The revised launch date for the new trade2win website is Thursday 14th February - Valentines Day.

The switch over to the new site will commence at 9:00pm and we will be gathering in the #trade2win-pub room from 8:00pm for a low key launch party for our members, hope you can make it!

What do you drink

If memory serves me well, Chartman drinks "rough" by the flaggon, Sharky drinks champagne of course and Day raider has a Bud.
But please no spitting or weeing in the sawdust.

Sefty ( ex T2W barman from many moons ago )
You're welcome to come to the party Seft, but I warn you, if you cause trouble again, you will be barred for life. I remember the last time you were in charge you made me get the baseball bat out and I did someone some serious damage. We don't want that again do we? or DO we? :))))) BTW mine was a benedictine, not a pint of rough. Great to see you again in the chat room.
Wouldnt it be better to start the gathering in the pub room after the dow close as some of us will still be trading it at 8.00pm :)

I'll save a place for you at the bar....I'll even get you a drink in, ready and waiting...I don't think it'll warm up until gone 9 anyway as most of the regulars will be in the "Dow Jones" waiting for last orders..:)

ps how come my posts get 4 votes when I don't even tick anything?
Hehe..sounds fine...still why do you keep voting for yourself? :)


Edited by ChartMan- I have absolutely no idea- I've asked sharky to look into it.
Martin is right about things not warming up till 9:00, so don't worry if your sb-ing as you won't miss much. Things won't start to warm up until after 9:00, and there won't be dancing on the tables until at least 10!

Riz/Martin that whole rating system works by members voting for a member - giving them a rating out of five. If you look at any member's profile you can see you can vote for them - but at the moment theres a few german words have crept in, don't ask!

Sefty, what's your tipple mate? Jug of warm beer with a good head! If my memory serves me correct :)