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I am interested in paring stocks, as i have been doing it succesfully for years with the idicies. I guess, a little like IndexKing's system but i expect we go about it in different ways.

I want to try it with US stocks, a bit like what Gray1 does?, but i want to pair stocks that are in the same sector.

What is a good site where i can chose a sector from a list, which then gives a number of stocks in that particualr sector, preferably with charts??.


i longed MMM yesterday and shorted IBM. i just read that MMM have been upgraded today? a gap up? that would make my trade a big success overall, but get this....its just a paper trade whilst im developing my system!! :(
From my experience, US stocks don't correlate as well as those in UK/Europe...this goes for intra-day and anything up to 2 week time frames
Thanks for the link Grey. Nobody wanna congratulate me on my pair trade? lol, over 2 1/2 bucks in the bag so far from this one. I m gonna keep it running. Cant believe that its not a 'real' trade, but hey, cant jump in with both feet when your developing a system i guess....

be lucky