out of curiosity...


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Hi Sharky,

I wonder if it's possible to find out how many members+guests visit our BB a day...


Yes, the site statistics are available, but I don't know if they are for general display.......I'll ask
Hi Riz, yeah we have statistics programs for the administrators which like any website tracks all sorts of information.

Actually you'd be suprised by the amount of information you can extract from log files. Of course no personal information, but things like which browser your using, which computer, how you got to the site, where on the site people go. And how many visits we get during the day, and over the week. For example we know the vast majority of people use Windows 98 and MSIE/5, and the busiest day is Monday (gradually getting quieter the rest of the week) until Sunday when the number of visits shoots back up, nearly as high as monday and tuesday, and the busiest time of day is 10pm in the evening, though it gets quite busy at 12pm lunchtime as well..

It does make interesting viewing, and you can get an idea of what sections people like and dislike and overall how well we're doing.