Bloomberg Mention


A big welcome to all those new visitors who have heard about the website from a mention on Bloomberg this evening at about 6:45. Its great to see so many guests on the site and I hope you like the site and our community and look forward to welcoming many of you as new members!

All the best,
Paul Gould aka Sharky
Trade2Win Administrator.
Saw it too mate......

Brought a smile to my face....esp when my wife asked if I had heard of it!!

The report that quickly followed also made me smile....the private investor telling everyone to get out NOW! Also that he disbelieved in all charts - "bunkum" - but that the trend was down and had been for some time!!!!!!!!

I actually missed it.. which is not suprising since I've only got CNBC.

Can anyone tell me who said what!

Whilst tuned to Bloomberg, during a converstation between the TV presenter and two guests, I heard what sounded to be good advice on not being too exposed to a falling market. One guest then promoted Trade2Win to find more of the same and here I am!
I missed the T2w mention but saw the smug twit who has been out of the market. His methodology appeared to be "distrust the analysts and chartists" but he offered no alternative other than "I was right".