From Strength to Strength..


To all members,

Just a quick update about what's happening at the Trade2Win website and a few things to look forward to. A big thanks first of all to everyone for making the site and chat room a real success. Last week, was our busiest week ever on the site with more people using the website than ever before. We're rapidly approaching the 200 members mark, up from 100 about 2 to 3 weeks ago. And the quality of posts is as high as ever, which is great - and I we will do everything to ensure this continues.

We're going through another redesign of the website. So if you have an ideas about how we can improve the look and feel, now's the time to let me know. I'll give everyone a sneak peek before it goes live, just to make sure you all feel right at home with it.

Soon we shall be upgrading the Bulletin Board, which should be completed by the end of this month. There's some cool new features, like member polls, attaching of files, member avatars and ratings on posts to look forward to.

Work has begun on providing End Of Day technical analysis on UK shares, and the new Book Library will provide a place to find the right financial books, and buy and sell second hand copies. Also we're working with other financial sites to enable us to offer even more facilities on the website, which we couldn't possibly provide otherwise.

And finally, it was great to see our efforts noticed with a mention in last week's Investor's Chronicle. A real boost for the team and a credit to all our members.

Lots of work behind the scenes, and much more to come,

This is our community.. let's make it even better! :)

Thanks everyone,
Sharky and the Trade2Win Team.

ps. Keep sending me your feedback, it's much appreciated.
Looking ahead, one useful feature would be the ability for members to download chart gif's that I post on the BB and for use in lectures, instead of me emailing them out...
Yeah I think there's two ways to do this. Either we wait until the upgrade of the BB, when you can attach a file whether its an image or a text file to any post. Or we launch a new Lectures section, where charts and mp3 of lectures can be downloaded and forthcoming lectures announced away from the BB.

What do you think?

Long term plans are for evening "Post Market Analysis" over paltalk and the continuation of lectures.Maybe it would be appropriate to open up a new section:"Charts and Lectures"
Would be interested in MP3 of lectures, as Paltalk is not compatable with a mac, could get virtual pc maybe it'll work on that. Keep up the brilliant work ,you have my thanks for a great site.
First of all, I would like to thank all the new members and old for their support and encouragment. :) Then I would like to give our pledge to our members, thou we are going thru changes. Our community feeling on this site will never change and the quality of the site will be and always top on the list of our mind. :)

Again, Thanks To Everyone! :)