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Apr 3, 2017
so trade 45 made 30. and people are STILL mucking about with forex,losing a few quid each day with the occasional tiny win or break even. Worse than garlic bread with marmalade...
Is dis a selfie foroom?
Mar 11, 2017
Most brokers will only allow for the trading of a limited amount of markets at a time. Their focus as such is on specializing in certain markets, without others. With trade12 on the other hand, you have a multitude of markets to choose from! You can trade futures, forex, metals, and oil too! Not many platforms offer those advantages at once, with only trade12 mxtrade, and a few others offering such features! You may be asking why this feature exists in the first place. Well, the more markets that are offered to you, the more opportunities you can take advantage of.