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Is it my imagination or is there a slight sign of optimism in the air?
The papers appear to have reduced their pessimistic views a little even though the usual doom and gloom merchants have kept it up.
Dare I hope that, for instance, my ISA will actually start to reach up towards its' starting level :confused: , perhaps my deferred pension will reach the heady delights of a year ago (small to start with, got smaller).
What views do others have :?:
I think this is exactly why we need to be cautious! Always do the opposite to what the papers say and you can't go far wrong. Seriously, when big share price drops get mentioned on the 6 o clock news for several days in a row and "global financial meltdown" seems to have arrived then start buying! When the papers say now's the time to buy it's usually after the major players already have and are thinking about taking their profit.

At the moment the 'vix' is at a low not seen since last May which implies complacency among investors, and generally means a big sell off is just round the next corner. Dare I suggest sell into this rally as in a few months time we'll be hitting fresh new low!

The prophet of doom!
Hi Orchard et al.

On a general basis, I haven't seen any good news coming out from companies and until that starts to show up, I'm still generally bearish :devilish:

Don't take any notice of anybody. Make up your own mind and don't be deliberately contrarian; too many people are ;-)
If you read through the US results in the last few days you'll find that the vast majority have exceeded consensus eps, have increased revenues and most have made neutral to positive statements going forward. Plus the war being over. That is what is driving the buying stateside. Both individuals and institutions worry about being left behind in a rally and are dipping their toes in.
So yes, I agree with orchard who will soon be plucking the fruit off the trees ;-)
Although you can have a vague overview, we all know you trade the markets, NOT your expectation,so never convince yourself of any market direction.
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Hi Mr. Charts

Just goes to show how out of touch I am with current news affairs :cry:

Your right though, the way you view the long-term should have no influence on your day-trades. :)
"Just goes to show how out of touch I am with current news affairs"

Yes, ftse-b,
The Boer War IS over. The news arrived by pigeon post only last month.
R ;-)))))))))
Please don't mistake my query as an intention to play the markets that way :-0
It was just that after so much doom and gloom it is rather nice to feel a little lift - even if it does turn out to be false :eek: (I Promise to trade what I see - not what I think :!: )