Newbie having life changing results

Trading is a lifestyle choice.......ive been trading since the early 80s and learn noew stuff every day

I love it .....its in my DNA

I love it also but I fear I may be out of the game unless my current bad luck streak ends quickly. I made some enormous errors earlier in the week which were entirely my fault but then lately I've just been getting really excruciatingly unlucky which is compounding the damage from my own mistakes.
You have done a great job, but don’t get too excited and lower your guard because that’s what most traders do. You need to stay focused and keep trading the way you have been in all these months. You can certainly do better. Just make sure not to force anything and keep the trading process as smooth as possible.
Thanks for the positivity but I'm starting to think I may have just been getting lucky.

As I said above I lost a lot of money a few days ago and I've been more careful yet the last 3 days I'm down again considerably.

I think a lot of it is not having the experience of trading during conflict. I've missed opportunities. Jumped in late and been bitten.
I'm under financial pressure at the moment so I couldn't sleep. I woke up at 01.30am and spent some time ruminating on the charts and feeling sorry for myself being that I could have walked to the moon with oil this last week or walked down hill with any number of other equities/ commodities but I screwed up and now the charts are a bit unpredictable.


Over a 16 hour straight period I traded and scalped 74 trades in total
38 winners / 36 losers
Profit $1219.14

My eyes and head aches and I'm spent but reassured that I have broken a losing streak.

I followed pretty strict technical analysis today with about 20% instinct allowing me to stray away from strict technical rules that I often adopt.

Hoping to repeat again tomorrow, just less hours..

Wish me luck. I need it.

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