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Hi All,
Hope everyone is keeping well.
Just wondering whether any of you has been on the training course with New Skills by Robert Newgrosh.

Was wondering if anyone has any feedback

Hi awllee. Hope you find this late reply - just found your thread by accident.

Went on Rob's series of courses about 3-4 yrs ago. If I had followed his guidelines on TA more closely over the subsequent 3 yrs I would have lost a great deal less money than I have. However, I have to say that where I did follow his guidance was in the area of stop-losses - this has enabled me to survive and stay in the game long enough to learn more about the markets and TA, but most importantly about myself and how I deal with real market situations (with real money, not figures on paper).

He gives a good introduction to TA - there's a heck of a lot more to it - and his prices were not astronomical. He's a nice guy and its a good place to start.

Good luck
I've also heard good reports of his courses from someone who is a bit of a TA course expert, having done everty one going more of less :)
that would either be a TA course Examiner, or probably somebody not too well qualified to judge then, surely? If you keep attending the courses it suggests you keep trying to locate the magic bullet shop....
As 'a good course', in my view, is one with nice cakes, good coffee, and sweeties plus sparkly water on the tables, I am perhaps not overly qualified on this score.
DaveJB - In that case you would find the courses offered by Robert Newgrosch very good! :cheesy:

I went on his courses about 5 years ago and found them to be comprehensive, well put together, and with a very knowledgeable presenter who didn't just blindly follow what the classic TA texts present as "fact". He has clearly done a lot of thinking for himself.

I think the best way to get the most from these courses would be to do some background reading first, and use them to add the polish. My view on courses has always been that the onus is on me to learn, rather than for the presenter to inflict knowledge into my passive carcase. Anything you can do to help yourself will help you to gain the most from the presenter.
Where do I sign up? Does he do Maple Pecan danish? (If I ever get into the snake oil market I promise the catering will be top notch... I'm a sucker for a good bun).
Just to add to the lustre, I've never been on a course, but I've also heard nothing but praise for them.
Rob - check my website for where to send the bun.
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