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Hi All,
I went down to the bookstop today and went to my favourite section.. the trading section and saw a book by Robert Colby, Encyclopedia of Technical Market Indicators. Had a good browse and it looked pretty good.

I know there are some others out there and I was wondering what your opinions on them are. I would like to get one which provides me good pointers and if I get stuck some good references and examples.. the Colby booked seemed ideal.

However, I've noticed a few..

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns by Thomas Bulkowski

Technical Analysis A to Z

Anyone have any comments on these books?

Thanks :LOL:
I have both the Bulkowski encyclopaedia, and the Steve Achelis book on Technical Analysis A to Z.

They're both great ... for telling you about each technical indicator, etc. What they don't really go into is how to use them! The Bulkowski book in particular goes into great length about every minor detail of every chart pattern known to man, which can get very tedious unless you're into analysis of the minutae of life, which I'm not!

Great to have in your trading library (certainly impresses people who come round) but perhaps I've never used them the way they were designed to be used.
Thanks All,
The book by Colby was about Technical Indicators, how they were formed and how to use them.. do both the Achelis and Bulkowski book do a similar thing.
Also, this book has been updated recently which is what drew me to it.. he mentions indicators which have gone out of favour and new ones which are now in use etc.. just wondering if anyone has this book!
Cheers :)