New Feature: Trading Room Trade Logging


You will notice you can now see a list of trades for the stocks/indices traded in each of the rooms each day on the homepage. In order for members to participate and log their trades in the chat rooms they will need to submit their trades in the following formats:

Example: TO BUY
!trade buys EBQ @ 140

Example: TO SELL
!trade sells EBQ @ 145 or
!trade sells EBQ @ 145 for +5

Example: TO SHORT
!trade shorts MONI @ 7

Example: TO COVER
!trade covers MONI @ 6 or
!trade covers MONI @ 6 for +1

These examples are typed in to the chat window just as you would make any remark.

We have also put together an alias file for Mirc to make it even easier to enter your trades. More details on how to set this up to follow.

Also interested in any comments or suggestions about the trade logging.

Instructions on how to add the aliases to mIrc

Step 1.

Copy the code below and then open the aliases window as shown:

/s /say 6!trade sells $1 @ $2 for $3 
/b /say 6!trade buys $1 @ $2 
/co /say 6!trade covers $1 @ $2 for $3 
/sh /say 6!trade shorts $1 @ $2


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Step 2.

Paste into the window that appears the code that you copied as shown below. Please note the highlighted text is the code that is copied and pasted, there will also be other text in the Aliases window, don't overwrite it just ignore this and paste in the code above it as demonstrated.


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Step 3.

Now when you are in either of the trading rooms you can simple type the following shortcuts to log different types of trade:

Action: TO BUY
Type in: /b ebq 140
Result: Outputs "!trade buys ebq @ 140" in the Chat room.

And the t2w-bot should then detect the trade and log it, in which case the bot will confirm this with the message:

<t2w-bot> *YourName trade logged*

There are similar shortcuts (aliases) for shorting

Action: TO SELL
Type in: /s ebq 145 +5
Result: Outputs "!trade sells ebq @ 145 for +5" in the Chat room.
Note the + or - is optional, you can simply write /s ebq 145 if you don't know the points.

Action: TO SHORT
Type in: /sh moni 7
Result: Outputs "!trade shorts moni @ 7" in the Chat room.

Action: TO COVER
Type in: /co moni 6 +1
Result: Outputs "!trade covers moni @ 6 for +1" in the Chat room.
Note the +1 is optional, you can simply write /co moni 6 if you don't know the points.

If anything is unclear please let me know on this thread. Cheers!



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