Article Neuroplasticity: Your Brain and Your Trading

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Your brain is the most awesome mechanism in the Universe … as we know it. Babies, both pre- and post-natal are metaphorical sponges of data and information. Also, brains have the ability to adapt to disease and injury by having one part of the brain take over the functions of another part of the brain that has been compromised; for example disabling injuries to the speech centers of the left brain can be “learned” by the right brain as a compensatory measure. Additionally, as late as about 30 – 40 years ago it was thought that once brain cells were lost or destroyed through any number of ways, not the least of which being alcohol intoxication, the conventional wisdom was that you would not and could not recover, that brain cells once lost were gone forever. However, we now know that through training the brain can adapt, change and even “grow” new brain cells well into the senior years and beyond in response to being challenged through illness or injury.
The brain’s ability to...

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no bad, in brief mindfulness and acceptance creates new healthy pattern in our brain, so true.
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