My Trading Introduction/Journey So Far


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Hi fellow traders I have been learning to trade now for around 8 months daily. I have always had a interest in trading from years ago but at the time I only known about investing when I seen big FTSE100 companies getting hammered on their share price and rallying back which peaked my interest in investing etc but I just went about my life as normal for a year or so.

Then I started messing around with binary options for small gains and then all losses but I liked the way trading worked and decided to dedicate myself to it as its something I enjoy and could see myself doing. I went in search for trading us equities and come across Tim Sykes and learned a few things about penny shares and the US market by watching most of his DVD's which gave me some ok understanding of US markets and especially penny shares. Then I was paper trading using a chat room where there was a lot of people in it and I was buying the fast moving low float tickers and manage to double my paper account size in a month but I was doing this on paper so it may not of happened live because of the fills and spreads and a range of other things.

Now after doing trading like this I felt it was too fast paced and a bit like gambling especially after blowing my first account playing fast paced breakouts so I decided to learn more deeper into trading so for the next 6 months I learned everything about using MACD,RSI (especially divergences) and a range of different indicators which I do not use now. I have learned a lot about price action and US stocks and a lot about patterns thanks to coming across Dan Zanger and Thomas Bulkowski pattern work. For a few months I was using just the RSI and MACD including the 12,25 SMA overlays but then I decided to start playing patterns even though I keep all the indicators just mentioned to help with divergences in price action and in the indicators and to help with trends etc.

Now i'm around 8 months and just funded my second account with a small amount as its on a spread betting broker in the UK and I'm looking to trade more of the stock index futures and big board tickers such APPL, NFLX etc.

I must admit that my pattern recognition is quite good I am able to see most standard patterns in charts if they are there rather quickly compared to before and can trade off the patterns with a solid RRR.

Now i'm still off from being a consistent trader but getting their day by day its been a rough journey but I wouldn't change it for anything else. :LOL:
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