My Latest Swing Trades

Find the easter egg in the video!

Name the prize for me to consider.

How to buy treasury bills like Warren Buffet:

Where my $NVDA fans at?

I'm actually am a bit 🪼 of mac users right now.

Desktop chatgpt app for Mac any day now. While windows "...later this year" 🤦

damn dude... damn... why would you keep that much money in cash?! i would never trust any place to let them have this much of cash! i would bay useless things but would not do that!

hey 5% risk free rate is already close to PFE's legendary 5.94% div that go investors tripping over themselves.
Is it stupid to still buy #GameStop or #AMC?

Title of my last video ^^

The answer isn't so easy but one is a much better "investment" aka $GME - either way both are expensive and for me there's only a few ways to play these momo tickers. Trade the momo.

In < 50 years everyone can be a #millionaire through the power of compounding at different % ROI's

7% roughly 10 years to double
10% roughly 7 years to double (#SPY avg)
15% roughly 5 years to double

So at the SPY average, 'back of napkin' math says

$10K = Year 0
$20K = Year 7
$40K = Year 14
$80K = Year 21
$160K = Year 28
$320K = Year 35
$640K = Year 42
$1.28M = Year 49

Purchasing power might be a bit less though, so I'd recommend #bitcoin to speed things up 😅

So in that honor...

$NVDA makes 8% in extended hours after after earnings. Putting the company closer to a $3 Trillion market cap!

Moving it's founder up in the #NetWorth of #TechTitans
  • Jeff Bezos: 10% ownership in Amazon, valued at ~$139B
  • WarrenBuffett: 16% ownership in Berkshire Hathaway, valued at ~$106B
  • Elon Musk: 13% ownership in Tesla, valued at ~$180B
  • Mark Zuckerberg: 13% ownership in Meta, valued at ~$102B
  • Jensen Huang: 3.6% ownership in NVIDIA, valued at ~$36B
  • Sam Altman: Leadership role in OpenAI, estimated net worth ~$500M