My Latest Swing Trades


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New thread to post and discuss my latest swing trades. You can also view them in my new trading journal portfolio.

I'll start with:

$SNOW didn't give me enough time to accumulate. Let's see if it comes down a bit more first. No rush. #long #tech but short term many things have been extended.

Fully out of all swings, sold the last of $PLBY Friday morning. Nice $931.33 (14.79%) profit, just was a fairly small size. Sold due to overall rally of $SPY and many growth stocks so looking for some healthy profit taking to re-enter. On $PLBY we had such a strong sell off that I've already started that process 😅

Fully documented trade:

Retail Sales MoM came in at .2% slightly lower than .3% forecasted. Barely pushed $SPY down PM which later rallied hard like usual to finish up the day 🚀

No swings open atm for me, closed $PBLY again, looking to re-enter but atm no great R:R setups I've found.


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Holy macarons, $CVNA holders are celebrating today 🥳 It's up 40% pre-market AFTER it's crazy 600% rally off the lows since May. Major #earnings winner after it beat Q2 sales estimates by around 10%.

Does it warrant that kinda move though?

End of day should be telling.

P.S. not in this one

I'm interested in swing trading because it's slower than day trading.
Unfortunately I don't understand what you're trying to show in your charts.
SNOW on my top gappers scan. I love it when my swing trades are on my day trade stock scanner.

Less exciting news.. still got $20k for my swings to make-back😅


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@cara1 I just came out with a video on my last swing, this might help you. Tried to really break down my thoughts and targets.
$PFE Annual Dividend Est. = Is $1.70 /share. That's a solid 6.31%

But will it last and are you at risk of losing more principle than your dividends will ever make (not to mention the opportunity cost)?

The dividend track record so far has been impressive but if you bought the stock 20 years ago you'd be sitting at exactly the same price.

So all the ROI would be from dividends. It would be just enough to keep up with a ~2.8% inflation rate to break even But now that we had a -55% sell-off from its ATH's.. is it maybe a good buy now?

In video we'll cover:

1. Is The Dividend Safe?
2. What a 20 year old position would look like
2.1 Comparable to SPY & NASDAQ
3. My #Pfizer position
4. Need to know tax before div buying



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$FSR #Fisker Inc gets a lot of shit in the EV space.. no wonder there's a lot of shorts on it.

But with so many shorts.. do we have another $GME setup in our hands?

Short Float
Finviz = 26.17%
Highshortinterest = 47.28%

This is always trailing info and quite inaccurate but even if we took the low end of it.. That would give us a Short Ratio of about 2.8. Aka almost 3 days for shorts to cover based on avg 3 day vol.

$FSR is down 98% from highs $31.96 to $0.73. That's after a bounce-off of ATL's of $0.52.

Tomorrow at the market close; could be a big day because earnings drop.

Is there a trade here? (More on my channel)

The opening line in Stripe's 2024 Annual Letter:

"Charlie Munger described a two-part rule that works wonders in business, science, and elsewhere:
1) take a simple idea and 2) take it very seriously"

I like that...

Other tidbits:

  1. At $1 trillion, the output of businesses that run on Stripe sums to roughly 1% of global GDP
  2. Around 70% of online shopping carts area bandoned.
  3. This year Stripe shaved off 300ms off the Payment Links render time.
Food for thought:

- More than 10 years ago, Amazon found that every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales.
- In 2006, Google found an extra .5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%.

Talk about a major bottom-line rocket to Stripe and all the businesses using it.

So what's the investment? Strip's private so maybe comps like $PYPL

I broke down more on my latest YT video🤓🪇

Idk if you guys know this but $DJT #TruthSocial is trading 1500-2000 x Revenue!

Depending on when you're looking at it (as long as it's over $45). For comps.. $RDDT is 10x Rev and everyone thinking it's overvalued.

Lord have mercy.

Full breakdown:


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Coinbase Almost 10x'd since the lows. Now with the BTC Halving right around the corner (~ 1 week)...

Is this a "buy the rumor, sell the news' moment?

Many 🐂 & 🐻 arguments discussed in today's video:
From trading RUINED forever,
to looking BETTER than ever.

We dive into all the official statements 🤓📰
(Latest video on my channel)

$SCHW #ThinkorSwim #Trading

#BitcoinHalving is about to make Bitcoin more scarce than #Gold based on #StocktoFlow

~244K metric tones total supply
/ ~2,750 mined metric tonnes yearly
= 88.73 years to recreate total supply

~19.5M coins total supply
/ 164,250 mined BTC yearly (post April 20, 2024)
= 118.72 years to recreate total supply

P.S. ATM ETF's are buying more bitcoin per week than new bitcoin being minted & hold 838K Bitcoins.

Want to know the 3 biggest trends in all BTC Halving hype? Checkout my last video on the tube 🤓🍿

Roughly $10 Trillion In #IRA's
Roughly $10 Trillion in #ETF's
Roughly $50 Billion now in the new #Bitcoin ETF's

More on its way?
Them $COIN Call Option Premiums are all over the place. Get paid more the more outa' the money it goes🤣 Don't mind if I do 🍻


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There's not much the Fed can do right now. But I wouldn't be surprised if we've been over-correcting.

I really wonder if this whole FOMC setup can't be automated and reflect daily interest rate changes based on data points.