My Latest Swing Trades


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New thread to post and discuss my latest swing trades. You can also view them in my new trading journal portfolio.

I'll start with:

$SNOW didn't give me enough time to accumulate. Let's see if it comes down a bit more first. No rush. #long #tech but short term many things have been extended.

Fully out of all swings, sold the last of $PLBY Friday morning. Nice $931.33 (14.79%) profit, just was a fairly small size. Sold due to overall rally of $SPY and many growth stocks so looking for some healthy profit taking to re-enter. On $PLBY we had such a strong sell off that I've already started that process 😅

Fully documented trade:

Retail Sales MoM came in at .2% slightly lower than .3% forecasted. Barely pushed $SPY down PM which later rallied hard like usual to finish up the day 🚀

No swings open atm for me, closed $PBLY again, looking to re-enter but atm no great R:R setups I've found.


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Holy macarons, $CVNA holders are celebrating today 🥳 It's up 40% pre-market AFTER it's crazy 600% rally off the lows since May. Major #earnings winner after it beat Q2 sales estimates by around 10%.

Does it warrant that kinda move though?

End of day should be telling.

P.S. not in this one

I'm interested in swing trading because it's slower than day trading.
Unfortunately I don't understand what you're trying to show in your charts.
SNOW on my top gappers scan. I love it when my swing trades are on my day trade stock scanner.

Less exciting news.. still got $20k for my swings to make-back😅


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@cara1 I just came out with a video on my last swing, this might help you. Tried to really break down my thoughts and targets.