Mr. Charts/Naz seminar


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I shall be there attending the course next Saturday and will be happy to chat to anyone afterwards about the DOW.
Not being cheeky, but do you guys need any helpers ? Any "Stewards" for your presentation?
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I don't mind helping, the wife says I'm a bar steward...
Least I think that's what she saying... :rolleyes: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
My girlfriend says I dont pay her any attention. At least I think thats what she says.
Thanks for your kind offer of help, but we already have everything in place, including security.
Is the rumour true that Lord Jamla has taken over from Naz and Mr. Charts and will be running the seminar with his sheep dog? :)
Security ? I know London has been named as a potential city for terrorist attacks but there was nothing to indicate they were likely to target trading seminars.

Maybe you could be the pioneers of Mr Blunkett's identity card scheme to verify that who attends is who they say they are ?

It's a great shame our society is changing from an unarmed police force and no ID cards to a more continental/US system.
And that we have the most reactionary Home Secretary in my memory, not to mention one whose mouth works before his brain gets started.
On the other hand what an admirable man he is who can overcome blindness to reach such an office.
All in my humble opinion of course.
We have security in place as there are rumours going around that we are going to be infiltrated by VS and DW in an attempt to gain credibility. All attendees will be asked " Which of these is a tradable index?"

The Dow
The Nasdick
The Hang Song
Those failing will not be admitted.