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Is this due for a reversal?????

Risen from 490 on 29/11 to 660 8/12.......Nice one to take profits on if you got in when Shelman and I were head to head.

Nice on Steve!!


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Come Monday a.m with the Bush-Gore-Judiciary debacle.
MSY-LOG-BHM-BLM-MONI-ARM ect may all be going the other way,a good day for shorting.Candlestick pattern says reversal ,trading above 26day MA and just under 50day MA, yep a few early indications of a reversal . Don't the last few months show most of the quality techs techs trading in an up 10-30%, down 10-30% cycle,the slightest bit of good news and they are flying, a hint of bad news shoots them down. Make a mint if you could read the signs right 60% of the time.



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I agree this looks a good shorting possibility-some of the Stochastic indicators have turned negative and it completed a Fibonacci retracement of the fall from just over 800.Whether we get the chance at a decent price on Monday is another matter!
It fell to an intra day low of 460 before i bought at 480 . I'd made my mind up to buy at anything less than 500.With hindsight i sold too soon (584) but that evening i felt very smug when a friend told me i was very lucky as he expected the price to go lower on information he had received but would not elaborate on.
If it does reverse i will be a little more cautious before getting back in.
Steve.......... A profit is a PROFIT is a PROFITTTTTTT. Just hope you can compound them.........be millionaire yet!!!!

Best of luck

No problems John, my philosophy exactly. Apart from a mild curse i am completely emotionless when this, or taking a loss occurs. Probably more important than anything else if riches are the goal.
Quite right Steve.........another opportunity for profit will arise as sure as dawn follows night.

We watch and wait.

Robertson Stephens initiated coverage Misys at 685p, with a long-term "attractive" recommendation. However also said: "While we remain favourable on the long term industry outlook and management track record, Misys shares are trading at a premium to our 500-560p fair value range… and we remain cautious in the run-up to the half year results,"

Up today +20 to 680

I'm staying well away until the 'results' are announced.
SEMA and PON etc are still fresh in the memory.
Could be wrong though!