Metastock 9 EOD - inbuilt Trading Systems?


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I am thinking of buying Metastock because it is popular and a key attraction is they advertise that version 9 has "26 Trading Systems and 10 Performance Explorations, chosen only after thousands of hours of testing and rigorous research, these systems are shown to have a highly successful track record over an entire database of securities" (wording copied from the equis website).

Has anyone tried these built-in systems in Metastock 9? :confused:

I read here on t2w and elsewhere that trading is a little bit of system and a lot of psychology. In terms of coming up with the system part, how much would one of these built-in systems go towards being a trading system? i.e. would it give me 50% of a system and I still have to figure out the other 50%, or is it 90% of a trading system? (excluding the psychology part).

I guess an alternative question is do you know where I might find an example of a complete trading system (it can be non-functional with obscured formulae) that just shows me all the bases I need to cover?

Thanks in advance for any help. :)


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As a long time user of Metastock I would recommend anyone to go for it as an aid to trading.........however as i have repeatedly stated on this Board, no proprietery programme will automatically give your a 50% plus positive result. Yes there are the facilities in Metastock with its trading systems, performance explorations, some 150 indicators, and and various tools for charting any instrument for which you have a download. However, all of these do not automatically guarantee you a profit, but I would say without a shadow of doubt, it has helped me to trade profitably. Not because I ever expected the programme to produce automatic positive results, but has enabled me to use its many facilities to achieve success.
The decision to enter/exit a trade is down to the individual always

My view is it is reasonably priced and suits my purpose, and the service I have received over the years from Q-Data (U K supplier) and the support team from Metastock is without question excellent.

You pays your money and makes your choice.

Best wishes to you with whatever you programme you finally decide on.



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I echo Uncle's reply.
I am new to metastock but find it a useful tool at the price. I must admit I was attracted to the package for its great claims on its trading systems, but still find that I am only using the software to scan for opportunities and use my own systems to trade. I think we would all like the holy grail, I will say one thing Hobba, you have found a great site in T2W


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I have been searching for a few months for the best trading platform and data feed. Tried quite a few out but none of them quite did it for me. I almost gave up my search until I read about Uncle and others recommendations of Metastock. I then visited the website and was overwhelmed by the features it had!

My must have is: intraday/real-time, programmable indicators and systems, extensive/flexible backtesting, optimisation, flexible broad scanning and direct linking to brokers. Metastock seems to have all that and more! So I signed up for the subscription version with QCharts (which I think is the best datafeed that I've tried). I need to feel secure in my system testing and part of the intraday set up that I find vital is market scanning to find potentially profitable set ups.

I must admit that I am disappointed that I couldn't download metastock from the internet!!!! How old fashioned.. their actually posting it to me?!!? Even if it was a gig in size including the data disks I would still get it within a few hours instead of half a week! Seems very strange.

I'm looking forward to trying it out... I especially liked the idea of expert advisors and I too was drawn to the idea of having a fair number of ready made systems there for me to play with!


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I'll be honest I tried the £1 trial for a month. I didn't like Metastock at all.

Give me TradeStation any day.



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I haven't tried TradeStation but I heard it was expensive! Also, I got confused when I visited the website, it looked like it was a brokers platform rather than a stand alone app... so I didn't bother!

I couldn't find a place on the metastock website to be able to try it out! It looked like they had a 30 day money back guarantee if you didn't like it, instead! I would prefer to be able to download and try something free for a couple of months. So I'm only going for metastock from the recommendations and feature list. If its ****e I'll cancel my subscription and try something else!


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Hi pkfryer,
How are you getting on with Metastock 9 and intraday data feeds ??
I am asking because I seem to be looking for similiar attributes from MS. With a very limited budget I would be glad to hear of the costs too. I have MS 7.02 and am pleased with it but it doesn't do intraday. I intend to trade the DJ and S&P500. Looking through the reviews some people aren't too happy with IB , MyTrack (Sierra Charts).
Hope to hear from you all is well.
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Impatient fellow that I am I have chosen Sierra Charts and MyTrack. MS Pro's price is really outragious. With a bit of fiddling etc. they are now up and running. I might understand what Mr. Charts & co are on about too. Seems effective what ever it is.


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Help! I have a question. I've been using Metastock EOD for years, upgrading from version to version. On MS 8 at the mo but currently waiting for MS 9 to arrive in the post from Equis. Someone earlier on the thread mentioned intraday updates. I used Updata software for a while and liked this feature where you could see todays candle being formed on the chart. Has MS 9 got this feature. I know it will be down to the data supplier if I can get intraday data. I currently use Prestel end-of-day data (no intraday). Do I have to change data suppliers (no problem). If so, who do I use? Q-data? Tried a couple of links to their site but got the 'site no available' message.


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Erm... don't you need Metastock Pro to chart intraday?


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Hi Dave, you may well be right. However, take Updata Technical Analyist program as an example. It has two versions. End-of-day and real-time. The EOD version will display intraday updates (delayed 15 mins) so an EOD program can have intraday updates. I was hoping MS9 might do the same but even if it does I still need a data supplier that can provide intraday updates - preferably on UK stocks.


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Hi Soya and everyone else!
Does that mean that with Metastock 9.0 EOD, you could have it displaying intraday charts of old data?
For example, if I would want an hourly chart with candlestick from about 6 months back, MS 9 EOD could display that old data like an intraday chart?

Thanks for taking your time!
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