MetaStock as a Scanner?


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There's a lot of negative stuff going on about MS 8 and even 9 (why didn't they correct the widely-known and widely moaned about System Tester bugs...?) so I may well veer away from MetaStock (again) and continue my search for the 'right' charting package, but I wondered...

MetaStock has an Explorer function which in RT mode could act as a scanner?

With so many traders using and looking for scanner facilities, has anyone effectively used MS Explorer for this purpose?


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thats a good point bramble , could one use metastock pro explorer at certain intervals during the day to find patterns on intraday time frames , i for one would like to know answer to this!!!( currently use ts radarscreen)


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Not really a scanner


AS far as I can see, the explorer can be run at suitable intervals (manually). However, it won't sit in the background chugging away and alert you when an opportunity arises.

The way I work it is to use the explorer to produce a short-list which I then open charts for with my "Expert" attached which will then alert me when entry opportunities arise.



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thanks gcb, i thought this is how you worked it , i know it's not a continually updating scanner like say radarscreen but metastock is good for fmls would be quite powerfull i feel!!( maybe)
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