metastock 8.0

Hi JohnnyT,

is your Metastock still running after 30 days? Or was there some installation routine which might be required now and then again? With the RT thats their copy protection scheme, with some demos you must reister online.

Your experience would be very much appreciated, as I would like to order a current version (I own 6.52) to compare it with amibroker.
I ordered "MetaStock for $1" just over a month ago. It arrived after nearly 3 weeks. Having activated the product successfully I cancelled my subscription within the 30 day period and so nothing further to pay.

My 30 day "trial" expired Friday. Problem now is although I can run MetaStock in offline mode now as expected and access offline data, MetaStock is telling me I can run in offline mode 27 more times during the next 11 days.

Not sure what will happen then but I shall be interested to see. What happened to your copy Jonny after presumably receiving this message?

I can still logon!

However they told me my subscription ended on the 22/9/3 so I'll let you know in a few days.

I have to say it's not as good as I expected.

So again my recommendation : , I got my RT for € 119 through ebay, the developer approved the sale. Reads MS format amongst others.

Get an impression from their yahoo group: about 100 mails a day. On the company homepage you will find accessible and downloadable archives plus search engine.

Go to A cheaaap frontend to the powerful language.

Finally, datafeeds through the included amiquote for free eod, free-plugins for the cheap rt version to use IB directly or through quotetracker. Best of all, you can use multiple datafeeds including Quotetracker as a server (giving you any of QT's sources).


Well my Reuters data feed has been cut as expected but updated OK with HQuotes.

I can Work Offline without a hitch in Metastock, no warnings nothing.

Using the help system Metastock has never against the License expiry.

Maybe I'm OK?

I am now down to being told I am allowed 26 more logins in offline mode in the next 9 days before MetaStock requires me to "Logon" - presumably meaning to connect to the main Equis server. My license also says it never expires! We shall see what happens in 9 days.

I am sure you will get a message soon Jonny.

MS 8 will gives only one warning normally after 90 days use asking you to put in the original CD to continue using the programme...after that it is OK..

I think the one dollar EOD version in question is tweaked for Reuters use...and so there must be limited use if one is not regularly connected to Reuters....

There is no need to connect it to main Equis server as far as I know...
JonnyT said:

I have to say it's not as good as I expected.


Hi JonnyT
What did you not like about the package..??..or what were you expecting that was not there???

Would be useful to I regularly send them suggestions..
There are better solutions out there. For example TradeStation and AmiBroker.

Well for my needs anyway.

The back test bit doesn't work how I want it to work. It does with the above two. I have heard that AmiBroker can be downloaded for free along with a hack.


You cannot really compare TradeStation with MetaStock since the prices are so vastly different. AmiBroker is another matter and thanks for that, I shall investigate it further.

Anyway, the reason for my post is to say that my "MetaStock for $1" has now expired and will no longer let me work offline telling me I must Logon to continue using the product. Attempts to Logon tell me my account is not activated since I am not paying the monthly connect charge to Reuters Datalink which I do not want. The Account was active until I cancelled the Reuters Datalink service. MetaStock also told me I had a license which "never expires" - simply not true if you cannot even login to the offline product on your PC!

Clearly, the version of MetaStock sent out by Equis, is a special "customised version" that does require the Reuters Datalink service to be active to continue using MetaStock beyond a couple of weeks of offline use. Disappointing :devilish: !

So there is a catch to this "Offer" after all - surprise, surprise -even though the Adaptick website clearly says there was no catch and you could continue using MetaStock even if you did not use the Reuters Datalink service. That is simply not true. Still, I guess the offer was too good to be true anyway!

If any other triallers of this "MetaStock for $1" offer find anything different, please let me know.

...devil is in detail as they say...nothing is 'free' and anything cheap has got a snag attached to this case it was written as Reuters specific instruction manual until one pays the first Reuters installment...

So unless anyone subscribes to Reuters data, the package is dead...unless someone using this particular version can say otherwise...
Metastock 8

hi all
I e-mailed John Slauson of Adaptick about my copy of MS 8 and got the following reply:

"The subscription version of MetaStock only works with Reuters DataLink. We try to make that clear on the web site (see I aplogize for any confusion."

At least it only cost me a dollar to find this out.

BTW - my opinion of Version 8 is that the Systems Tester is a great advance on the previous versions I have used (V7.0 and 6.5) and that some of the new Indicators and Experts are also very useful. I particularly liked StochRSI and will try to source this code from elsewhere.
The charting package is a good as ever with no apparent changes - the best on the market IMO.

One other change is the size of the data file now allowed; 6000 stocks compared with 2000 in a file for V7. Although this would not be of much consequence to me as I break my data into smaller files anyway.
On the basis of Hittfield's post which suggested trying Amibroker I went and tried the free trial software.

As a newbie I was poised to buy Metastock as my first software package but now I've bought Amibroker.

It's a fraction of the price, with Powerscan you don't need programming skills, and I have found the support department superb - it took only four hours to reply to one of my queries which I sent on a Saturday!

The forums are thriving and helpful and at the moment I'm using free EOD data from Yahoo, although you can opt for all sorts of paid-for services if you wish.

I can't offer a comparison with Metastock since I've never used it, but I've found that Amibroker does everything I need at a fraction of the price.