metastock 8.0

I was just looking at this last week. There's a $50 discount off the $449 RRP at the Yahoo US shopping site:

Delivery to the UK is $24.95 making a total of $424.90. But you will almost certainly (but not always IME) have to pay VAT, import duty and a courier handling fee on top of this. So unless you want to take this chance, or have a friend in the US who could get this for you and ship it over, it might be better to get this in the UK, as it would only be marginally more expensive and a lot less hassle.

Q-data is a UK reseller for Equis and they are selling this for £337 incl. shipping and VAT, but also have a special offer including 15 months of their UK EOD data feed for £457 incl.

In the end I decided to try out OmniTrader from them, which is also on offer there for £347 incl. data feed, or £240 on its own.

Good luck

Cheapest one is Paritech in UK...

See link below...

Q data was quoting me 145 plus vat for 8.00 upgrade...and paritech sold one for 95 pounds...paritech also provided 8.01 upgrade for free when it was due out...Q data is not always the cheapest...

Shop around by all means....
Paritech will also make you deals for the data as well so get sorted on what you're going to want (if anything) before you order the package.

Sorry I forgot to mention this but Paritech isn't cheaper than QData, because they charge £15 for P&P whereas Q-Data only charge £7 - the Paritech prices for Metastock alone works out at £345 and with the data package £465, and this is for 12 months data instead of 15 from QData. And also QData have a price match promise if you do buy from them and can find it cheaper elsewhere.

BTW I'm not in anyway associated with QData, just a customer.

>>Try <<

From another thread I learned that ebay won`t publish any metastock offers anymore -even of legal copies- , because Equis informed them they would sue them on the grounds of copyright infringements.

This is near to omega`s policy to stop supporting -Legally transferred - TS2000i licenses. I got rid of both products.

Why MS8 ? Why not AMIBROKER ? $ 99 EOD, $199 RT (and possible to use IB directly as free RT-datafeed, free brokerfeeds through QT). EOD from yahoo etc....

Add-ons (mostly free or cheap) are available. One I use as a non-programming-guy is "Powerscan" which will almost write the code (for your custom designed queries , formulae or indicators) for you. 30 days trial, $ 39 afterward. Compare this to MS or TS.

A topnotch, fast emerging product, an easily accessible archive of formulas and tips, the BEST community at and a developer who gives answers at the board or through e-mail almost instantly.

I have no connection with amibroker aside from being a satisfied customer - as many others are.

You can buy Metastock 8.0 for $1.00, but you are restricted to using reuters datalink which is charged on a monthly basis, if you want more details let me know.
This is the full EOD version and not a trial version. I bet you don't believe me! I don't believe this unless Rueters/Equis have moved to India or Far East where high flying number crunchers, stacked five high in a warehouse are coding the package 17 hours a day for full 50p daily wage...!!!

Well you better believe this because I have ordered it myself and recieved MS 8.0, I too did not believe this offer but here is the web address, type in the exact same line and this should take you there, the guy who is doing this offer is called John Lauson and he used to work for Equis.

Ok it is avilable for 1$..but no manual until you pay 59$ and continue paying that as long as you have the package....

Any newbie buying MS without manual will be lost as it takes few months to master and do the set up as you like it..

The cost of a years data will be perhaps equivalent to deals that are now avilable from Paritech or Q Data etc...

It is perhaps a good deal for those who use MS and who wamts data from reuters...this deal is not for a new to MS8 humble opinion..

But good of you to share the information...
Hi Zambuck,

You do not have to pay a single $59 to continue using the package.

I've ordered mine and cancelled the Reuters package...

Hi JonnyT

I am missing a point it seems..

So how did you do it?....Did you order this one dollar package and once set up you then decided to ditch Reuters data feed straightaway?

IF so you basically did not get the manual and that's continue to use MS8 using other data feeds?

Please explain more...!!
Hi Zambuck,

Yes. You can get data from Yahoo and Lycos for free. Additionally for a one off £30 or so you get a downloader that integrates directly into MetaStock...

Hi JonnyT

I see now...OK I use something similar that is called MLdownloader...(there are many small packages like this by the way) that gets data from yahoo etc etc..and integrates into MS...I use this purely to get US and other data...

However the dollar version above appears to be designed for Reuters data only and hance the deal..but perhaps this version works with other data feeds as well and is not locked for reuters data only...

What downloader do you use and where did you get it?

Thanks in advance

So if I bought the dollar version without the manual I guess I could then buy the ms book Cant remember the name now) that simplifies ms and get all my eod from Yahoo? still seem s to good to be true. am I reading this right jonnyt? its a good way to play around with the system. I assume it can be ordered through the net using visa.
I have just looked at the site. I assume there is no problem cancelling your subscription before the 30 days after you have given them your card number?...I also assume that you can always get through to the telephone number Quoted without waiting for hours...Let me know how you get on I would be interested in going down that route myself.