Metastock 8.0



Does anyone use or have experienced Metastock 8.0 and or Nison's Candlesticks Unleshed (NCU plug in for Metastock software)?
I'm thinking of purchasing it & I wondered if anyone has used it?

Hi Saul,

Try this link for Candlesticks

I have the book and it is excellent for understanding about candlestick charting. But as with all technical indicators it doesnt work all the time and usually works best when combined with other indicators. I got my copy from and it was with me the next day. I am unable to help you with Metastock 8, how much is it ?


I've got a seldom used as yet Metastock 8 which I'm hoping to get some time for shortly, but not the candlestick plug in. Enjoy thr voyage of discovery <g> Might be an idea to get to grips with Metastock first - you might find the plug in stuff more fun to program in yourself?
Ive got metastock 7.2EOD, and have several plugins...
i dont really find them usefull. i havent used the candlesticks one... but i find that they miss more opportunities then they find... I don hoever like the John Murphy chart recognition program..... but that too misses out patterns..

So my opinion is that they are a waste of money..