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I was raised in Yorkshire, the youngest of three children and had a very happy – yet uneventful – childhood. I left school and headed off to university where I acquired a BA (Hons) in Business Management. I look back at the university years as some of the best years of my life; I met many people and made some wonderful friends, and retain two very close friendships to this day.
My most endearing memory of university was meeting a stunning brunette who, after several futile attempts at getting her to accept a date, succumbed to my then boyish charm. Several years later she became my wife, and we went on to have two children, a girl and a boy now 22 and 19 respectively.
After university, I followed my parents’ path into the NHS, albeit, I was interested in management not nursing.  Initially, I became involved in hospital management in a junior capacity and worked my way through several management tiers, ending up at Health Authority level. After several years, I...

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Bloody Overachievers

Really enjoyed reading a bio that was factual, honest and interesting. It was also totally authentic. The fact that Dinos was/is successful in other endeavours as well as trading is probably not accidental. While I imagine it's possible to be a great trader and rubbish at everything else in life, the probabilities suggest you tend to be either good at most things, bad at most things or just plain average.

If being inspired by another's success was sufficient to guarantee upward momentum for oneself, I'd be delighted. But I'm, afraid I'm just going to continue to muddle on with the occasional glimpse such as this to taunt me with what life is like over the other side.

Good piece, really enjoyed reading it.


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good advice from an all round entrepreneur !

Hey D
didnt realise what a chequered background you had have been there and got the T shirt !
this (imo) is what gave you the edge when you entered the trading arena
good solid advice for newbies to follow



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Can only echo the others comments............Excellent as expected.

Well done Mate.


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thanks Dinos

Anyone serious about trading should take a note from Dinos book. There are a few genuine traders on this site that I have no doubt know their stuff, Dinos is one of them, he simply calls very good entries/exits.

If you take the time to study the charts (& it will take alot of live chart time) you will see that his calls need no explanation, you will see why.

Of course no one should take a trade based on someone elses call, you will learn nothing from this, but some of the guys on this site have alot of sound advice to offer, thanks again Dinos


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Super write up Dinos,

Can see you being systematic and methodological in approach with strength of character and psychology to see it through. Admirable qualities I wish I had.

Well done and thanks,

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