Maximum respect to izzie !!!!!

i can only join s/op congrats izzie
as this is a traders thread hoping to help each other to trade well
i would like to ask izzie if he may share some of his strategy with us fellow posters to may be make us better earners eg
where did you find topnotch ? and how did you get the confidence in this penny share to invest the amount you did? this
apears to have been a death or glory bid that came in ,but how did you find and assess this share.
i am sure that most members of these boards await with bated
breath for you guidance that we also may use such wonderfully
successful system
with thanks in advance izzie
Yeah, I agree, Fair play Izzie, the boy done good :)
And its just jumped another 0.5p as well. (3.5 / 4.0) +50% on the day !!!

Yep. Brilliant performance izzie. Well done. Raised the all-time target to new heights for the next game.
just read purple,
as i am new to this board i would like to ask editor or fellow posters what were the previous heights purple
refered to ie how many previous games ? with what results?
can i find the histories of these games stored anywhere on this site? as i am sure i would find it most informative
tia david
History is currently being sorted......last best high was £75K ish as I recall
right- stand back- heres some words of wisdom (not!);
thanks for your interest in my trading system.

Firstly, Topnotch is just one of several high percentage shares I've had recently; others were MyTravel, NSB, Spirent, CPO, and others.

I found them generally by subscribing to ADVFN premium level (Bronze?) and using the home page 'losers' list that comes up. Any share that is 50% down or more (some have been 78% in one day!!) has gotta be an overreaction unless its dead in the water. I also read the Premium Traders Thread on same site,
although recently theyre almost all shorters, which I dont really agree with, and cannot trade in real life anyway, as I only use an ISA at moment. Nevertheless they tell you precisely whats goin to happen that day (from just past midnight that same morning!) in some detail.
I also take a quick look at top game players in comdirect and t2w about twice a week to see what I'm missing; usually not much except good longer plays.
The 'top lists' in [premium] advfn can be a source if youre stuck, but not usually.
Then I check out the share by looking at ADVFN Premium BB and News especially; see what sentiment there is; more careful if theres' a couple of 'dog' warnings, but I'm sure to find out why the thing fell in the first place. What type of business is it? Will it survive? (I've been an advertising copywriter for over 40 years, running print and design shops, so I know what are usually good types of business and which have profit problems).
Now, the price....
(see next post..)
buying at the right price;
(having found a likely candidate)
Assuming that I'm happy that the 'loser' is actually the victim of massive overreaction (and surprisingly there's one almost every day at the moment!), then I wait for (now heres the secret....

(see next post after I've had my tea)
.. I wait for the third drop in price!
Having got caught out a year or so back with Alphameric, which dropped like a stone and then (after I'd bought some for real) it drooooooooooooooopped even more, and I held on in vain for months!!... I look at the intraday spread chart and wait usually for about half a day for it to settle to its 'real' bottom (that sounds comfortable, doesn't it?).. and then 'pounce' either with all or some of my toy lolly.
(I say 'toy' because usually these are non-isa shares, and I cannot trade them for real... yet)
Watching the screen and having a 'sound' alert on my ADVFN emails, I can pounce instantly something happens. Understand that I usually work next to my trading screens on other design or writing work, on a brilliant Apple Mac system ( a REAL computer).
If in doubt, buy some and top up in a few minutes. But you can see that I overdid it with Durlacher, as they didn't go up as much as I thought! However, they may do shortly, big-time.. you watch!
I've kept some to see what happens.
Now that I've had consistently reasonable success with this system, I'm going to start in real life, outside my isa.
Then I can trade up my push bike for some real wheels, maybe!
Final paragrafff;
I should point out that I use Updata Trader 'Pro' II which I've had for 2 yrs. Build 340, 32-bit on Pent 4 dual monitor, scsi etc etc... [absolute rubbish compared to the Mac].
I like the look of it, but its really not very good; lines on charts go missing, charts are crude, they don't load properly, the buys come up as sells, etc, etc.
When I'm really trading in earnest detail, I actually use the Intraday Chart in ADVFN, with 'spreads/shaded' active; its very clear indeed, and free!

Finally, before you open the trapdoor under me, I must say what a help the T2W site has been, and is, for me. Its a great fun way to discover what may work, even though the mathematics is entirely different of course for small shares; you cannot buy 50k worth of Ronson or TopNotch in real life!

But as they say, its a percentage game!

(Incidentally, I reckon 'izzie' should end up with about £162,000 if thats useful for any resetting of targets, etc)
wow let me join the adulation. I really thought I might have a chance this month, good going, I'll look out for your ferrarri with the bike clips hanging from the mirror!
steady, on chaps; adulation?!
I dont need that... but thanks for the sentiment.

I have the advantage of time during the day, of course.

If any of you can pass on tips from tomorrows Barbican bash, it 'd be appreciated; especially the 'how to spot shares that are about to tumble; that sounds useful!!

(i don't usually post much)
but a bit of chat on 'secular world' thread
sorry mate, I didnt realise. I don't know where I saw it - but it's certainly a brilliant maxim to keep in mind all day
I too am somewhere on that advfnPBB (by another name). If they on that 'secular' thread could see what you've achieved here I reckon 'Izzieism' would sweep the world!
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Hi Izzie,

Any chance you put real money into any of these trades as well Izzie.
but of course usually you can't buy many in one go (or sell them that way either!)
I see you've gone mostly to cash now, Izzie. I trust you'll not be risking holding any stock at close on Friday, when valuations get knocked about by the end-of-day spreads. It'd be a shame to see that staggering sum get dented in the closing lap.

(Not that we wouldn't want to discourage you finding those last few pounds to get over £200k)

Remarkable (says David Coleman).
PheNOMenal (says Ron Atkinson)