The result this week....


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I've just done a quick totting up of the comp. this week, as there was a problem with the feed.
1: Waldorf- overall gain loss- + 0%
2: ChartMan -2.3%
3: Dave - 6.2%
4: Hook4 -8.8%
5: Chadders -11%
6: Izzie -14.7%

What a poor selection we all did :(
If Izzie had switched his MONI long for a short, he'd have won by a country mile. C'est la vie. Congrats to Waldorf for treading water for a week, while the rest of us drowned.
Thanks Martin, shouldn't be any problems this week. now im back online. In fact I've entered myself this week, though i must confess the entries weren't picked by me, but by the signals generated over at from Friday evening. :)