Martin Cole's trading course


would any course attendees or people wanting to go on his course contact me with their e-mail address, i have some important information to share.
Hello Mr. C,

Computer fixed now?

I'm Looking forward to our meeting next week. ;)
Hi boy,
Are you the Monday, Tuesday or Thursday person?
I never keep a record of people's handles. Once I'm in contact with someone they obviously become an individual person whose specific skills, experience, knowledge, personality take over and they are no longer a handle. I don't think I've expressed that very well, but you know what I mean!
you cant come on here and say that mate

you have only just joined this forum today and straight away you post like this

you probably only joined so you could post this thread

i dont know who Martin Cole is and i dont care but i wouldnt pass you an email address on the strength of your statement

I know Martin cole

r u somebody that has been on his course??

why r u being so cagey about this information?
What is this !!

I am getting strange messages Via PM saying if I dont send my email to ''poolyjooly'' I will never find out this bizarre secret

poolyjooly..............who r u????????

anyone else getting these messages ??
Perhaps it's worth reporting to a moderator when someone sends "4 letter variety" privmails. That's not what the ethos of this BB is all about and they are keen to keep this a quality place.
I've had a few rude aggressive emails in my time, as you might guess if you've read the "a typical day's trading the US" thread, but although occasionally one might annoy me, the people who send them are merely demonstrating their own ignorance and stupidity. They are the losers.

would the person who just mailed me send me a PM so we can converse, this all does seem a bit mysterious, I just feel a bit reluctant to this seems to be what they r trying to get hold of.

forgive me if u r genuine, I am sure if u understand if u r

PM me & we can chat via message given the present circumstances.


all very odd, maybe u should report it

I don't understand why * pooly * can't say what he has to say and be done with it .

For the amount of money cole is charging , I'd like to know how many people a year actually go .