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I know there was a post before about market efficiency, but it kind of fizzled out after Dr. Lecter wouldn't share his technique.

So anyone want to share their knowledge on this or what?

As far as I can see it is quite usable on a daily basis to find 'value' in the market and then trade either side of it. But really I would like some other greater movement due to dwindling volatility in this market. - or can someone tell me of alternative methods to profit from 10 points change in the ftse including spread considerations.

btw has anyone read the trading secrets of the inner circle and employed these techniques?

thanks for that, I just wish there were some solid results or performance data.


I gather now you question is really about gearing ?

how can you gear up but without too much increase in risk ?

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differing views

I've found a couple of different threads about market profile - thanks bonsai for the last. I've seen that people's opinions range from thinking mp is crap to great - the truth is probably somewhere in between.

I'm trying to develop a number of solid methods that work and I don't know whether this should be included.

As for before what I meant was that when I trade (usually warrants) I need at least a 20 point move to get into profit. The best would be a 35-40 point move for a good profit in a day. This is veru difficult to achieve at the moment. One technique is to trade on certain days of the week - I notice that monday and thursday are good range buy days - as is the first of the month. The reason why I posed the 10 point question was whether there is a better instrument to gain from a 10 point change with not a dramatic amount of risk and loss due to spread.
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upside soon?

this is a volume by price chart for the ftse since the start of october. Will the bell shape complete - I think so but and it may do it soon - it''s quite a long term chart though.