Market Profile


My research into this technique is in its early stages but the results so far show great promise.

My only source of info at present is the chapter in John Murphy’s book, which only serves as an introduction to the subject.

I am contemplating buying the book “Steidlmayer on Markets: Trading with Market Profile” can anyone recommend it or any other reading matter on the subject?

Does anyone use market profile as part of his or her trading system?
Hi fairlead

The best book i have found on market profile, is mind over markets by James Dalton covers ever corner and very in depth.

Regards mark
You can get plenty of Market Profile info from the CBOT...,1398,13+287,00.html provide MP charts (though it's an expensive way to go if this is all you need).

John Piper writes about and uses MP in his books (which you can buy from the T2W bookshop).

This guy uses MP on his daily analysis of the markets -

Personally, I've found MP just the same as Pivot Points - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.