Man Group Plc


Difficult - 2 sides to this one. I am not sure if you mean long or short, or why you wish to enquire!

One thing in its favour is that if you look at the long term chart, it has successfully bounced off its 200day MA, funnily enough with the exception of Feb 2002, though it did come back up. However, for the past 3 months, momentum peaks have been declining, and from this current momentum high, momentum also appears to be declining. Short term MA are decelerating, though not yet heading significantly south. This last 2 highs (14/2 and 28/3) have also been sequentially lower. If you wanted to be safe going short, wait for a close below 1000. I would not go long at the moment until either a trading range was established between 1000 and 1200, or a higher high was made.

There are ongoing fears that it will have to announce a massive write off of assets.