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i've been trading over 10 years. only the last few years did i become consistently profitable. when i learned to use simple supply and demand and stop spending money on all the stuff we all spend money on trying to find the one thing that will make us money, my trading life changed. it wasn't until after i got myself on the right track that i came across a great site that is for serious people wanting to learn to trade identifying supply and demand imbalances using order flow. there is nothing negative one single person can say about this trading site unless you just don't know what the crap you're talking about. the site is they guys running this site are genuine and as helpful as it comes in this business. before you spend any money again on something you're not really sure about to help your trading, check this place out. i know it sounds like i own the business or getting paid a commission or something, but i'm not. i already knew how to trade using supply and demand when i came across this site, but i was so impressed with how they teach using supply and demand, i wanted to tell others. i know how it was for all those when i was endlessly looking for a trading strategy and how many thousands of dollars i spent. you can see these guys make money everyday thru a free trial. if you have no interest in trading using supply and demand, then look elsewhere.
don't waste your money

signed up with OrderFlowEdge (that's Thomas DeLello [email protected] and Casey Phelan [email protected]) as their method looked solid from the videos. In the end I decided it's not for me as I primarily trade forex and their supply/demand zones are completely useless for anything other than index futures. Even for index futures, I just wasn't impressed at all. The main method seems to be taking lots of counter-trend trades with the ever moving stop loss: "as long as the current bar is within the trade tunnel zone (2 rising lines in the uptrend), we are are still ok; once we get a complete bar outside of the tunnel, get out of the trade'. The problem is you can be within this trade tunnel for a long time, like 5+ ES points. Good luck with this risk management.

The room feels pretty stale, maybe 20-30 members on a good day. This is despite regular enrolment drives and deep discounts. Feels like there are some shills in there too, e.g. a guy who claims to have 42 winning ES trades in a row. Give me a break...

Anyhow, after 2 months of testing it and concluding that it was a waste of money , I decided to stop my subscription (they are quarterly, so I gave advance note to Thomas by email, explaining my reasons and got his reply with the explanation how I was perhaps not applying 'da method' correctly, yada-yada, but 'good luck to you on your journey'). Then in a month I get a message from Paypal that they charged me for another quarter. I am thinking 'ok, honest mistake' and shoot email to Thomas and Casey. Silence. A few days later another email. More silence. I am being patient here, so I wait a few more days and send another email. Thomas finally responds with 'I'll get back from my trip in a week and will look into it'. So, 2 guys who are running the trading room every day, all of a sudden pretend to be missing for over a week and just stonewall me.

So I talked to my bank and initiated a claim against OFE. Apparently OFE received the claim from Visa/Paypal and responded that 'they had no idea what I was talking about, that as far as they know I am an active subscriber and they haven't received any cancellation notice'. They also came back with that in a sneaking way, right in August, when everyone is on vacation and the time to respond that Visa gives you is like a week, and if you don't respond with corroborating evidence, you lose the claim. I was really lucky that I just happened to be talking to my bank about something else and they notified me of the OFE claims. I sent my OFE email conversation to Visa and the case was shortly resolved in my favor. Overall, I could clearly see these guys (OFE) knew what they were doing and the timing and the manner indicated it wasn't the first time for them.

If you are thinking of signing up with OFE, reflect on my experience with them. If they are this desperate about 600 USD that they would lie and cheat and drag this on for months, how good their method really is?