MA Cross-Over Strategy for the Newbie


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"Runs back into unstable reactor thread, grabs Toni Bramble, come on mate, there's nothing you can do for's gonna blow!!!!"

You owe me one mate, i put my life on the line 4 ya.
But, but, but CV said it was safe now. He's a mod. He wouldn't deliberately lure me into a contaminated thread, would he?

Why is blood pouring from my orifices? Why is my skin all red and burned and blistered?

What? Who's there? TrudVector! Don't be a fool, put than German cucumber down...Aaaaarrgghhhhhhhh...............


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:innocent: :LOL:
"Enjoying the thread" does'nt translate to "it's safe" and anyhow, which bits am I enjoying !:)
The deep, insightful revelations on trading and the discussions on the wider dynamics of the financial markets, the global economy and human psychology?

Or trudvector’s stuff?

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Two things; if a newbie (as Rimmel No7 calls them) suggested trading off 2 MAs they'd be ridiculed/patronised/beasted on here..

Secondly I'm both surprised and honoured in equal measures that such a legendary figure, who trades with the likes of Autobahn as his broker (we're not worthy), would get involved with us retail chumps to teach us *stuff*, perhaps it's proof that we are as a species genetically pre-disposed to offer help and kindness..:)


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Well God be praised. So 6140 really isn't the number of The Beast after all. Hooray, we're saved.

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is there another thread on this revolutionary 2 MAs grail, thought I saw it this morning..?



Its refreshing to see you posting again. You are one of the few people in the online community who I believe really attribute something worthwhile. I really appreciate you taking the time to help all of the newbies out there! Keep posting and I'm on board to learn all that I can from you!

Black Swan


Its refreshing to see you posting again. You are one of the few people in the online community who I believe really attribute something worthwhile. I really appreciate you taking the time to help all of the newbies out there! Keep posting and I'm on board to learn all that I can from you!

Ooh, sophist sarcasm, I almost missed it..nice work fella..


I actually wasn't being sarcastic. I've read everything that Tradernumber7 has written over the years and have found it very enlightening. I know my trading has improved vastly because of him and a few others in the online community. While I understand that he can't and doesn't give a step by step guide/system for trading, the concepts that he talks about are extremely valuable if one takes the time to analyze and apply them to the markets.


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I actually wasn't being sarcastic. I've read everything that Tradernumber7 has written over the years and have found it very enlightening. I know my trading has improved vastly because of him and a few others in the online community. While I understand that he can't and doesn't give a step by step guide/system for trading, the concepts that he talks about are extremely valuable if one takes the time to analyze and apply them to the markets.

You've read everything TV has written 'over the years' and 'found it very enlightening'. Is that why just over a month ago you posted on this site:-

“Hi everyone,

I'm relatively new to forex, and have a simple question regarding spreads. I've been playing around with a new strategy that involves multiple take profit levels, but one thing that is hanging me up in regards to testing is how to deal with the spread. Let's say that I open up one long position and decide to take half of the position off of the table after however many pips, and the other half after a few more pips. Would I be paying the spread once, or twice in a trade like this?

I know that when entering a long position you pay the full spread immediately and don't pay it when you close. The opposite is true for short positions, correct?”.

This rather nicely wraps the package up. If you’re this clueless after all those years then you must really have read everything TV has written.


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This is very instructive for Newbies who visit this useless forum.

Here you have a so-called moderator who refused to do his job, while at the very same time, deleting (without cause) a thread that was moved to another section of the forum to allow Newbies a chance to learn something that the idiots who trashed this thread know nothing about.

This should be yet another lesson for anyone visiting Trade to Lose. You can't get up to speed on anything here as a Newbie, given the unintelligent and useless ramblings of dumb sheeple who pretend to be traders, while exposing themselves as nothing more than professional naysaying trolls.

The Newbie should understand that this is common place in psychiatric wards such as this in the online community (something I don't have to tell any veteran trader). These types of negative naysaying trolls are not real Traders, Newbies. No successful trader that I know, has the kind of built-in negativity that the people you now see inside this thread put on display as easily as they do.

Understand this fact, Newbies. All of these negative trollish losers have pretty much given up on ever becoming a truly successful trader, if they ever had a good reason to believe that they ever would or could. These people are incredibly small minded individuals with lowish IQ and even lower belief in themselves, or their abilities.

These are NOT the kind of people who end up being successful in life, primarily because of their useless, under achieving attitude and demeanor. Their accomplishments in life are precious few and their desire to accomplish anything truly meaningful in life going forward, is basically non-existent. These kinds of people define the term loser, and they do it better than anyone I've ever seen, in any endeavor that I have ever engaged, either personally or professionally. I have enjoyed three (3) different and distinct careers in my life thus far. A military career, a corporate career in enterprise software and now a trading career, in which I have entered my 10th year. In no career that have ever had, have I witnessed the rank & file foolishness, illogical and irrational behavior, or outright insanity, as I have witnessed inside the so-called Trading Community.

I believe most of this irrational behavior has something to do with a lack proper upbringing by their parents (if the truth be told), but much of it has to do with their apparent lack of self discipline and their inability to reach a point of intellectual honesty, either with themselves, or with others. The people that you constantly see on this forum, who engage in negative casting, sub-antisocial trollish behavior on a routine and persistent basis, with literally thousands of posts to their discredit and exposure, shine the brightest light upon what has become an online social illness that ends up negatively impacting anyone seriously desiring to learn something that will make them a better Trader.

A while back ago, I created a thread to talk with Newbies about something I had been researching with respect to one of the newer indicators that I had been working on up to that point. Immediately, when you do something like that, your thread gets filled with people who claim to know everything there is to know about what you are doing, even when you just arrived on the forum. These trolls love to hide behind the assumption that they are somehow protecting the forum from vendors. That fact that you are not selling anything, does not matter to these trolls, because their so-called provision for protecting the forum from vendors, is nothing but a cover for their naturally excreted sub-antisocial behavior.

In other words, they are the losers who have failed at trading, so why should a truly successful trader be allow to come onto the forum and talk about what he/she has done to surpass their efforts. So, they do only what they are capable of doing, they continue to pyramid their losses in other threads on the forum as proof that they don't know what they are doing in the markets, and then they Troll and Trash the rest of the forum because their parents failed to teach them how to be a decent human being, despite their own failures in life. Ultimately, that's the painful truth about Trading Forum Trolls and Naysayers. They are the losers in life, and so, likewise they feel that you should be on their level - down in the gutter with them. Misery loves company.

Now, if they were actually posting rebuttal on the technical merits of the thread or its concepts, then that would be a horse of another color. In that kind of environment, everybody learns something of value. However, that is not what these Trolls are doing and the so-called moderator is no less involved with encouraging this futile and destructive behavior, because the moderator is too busy moving and/or deleting threads that are designed to help, encourage, educate and inspire the New Trader. Essentially, on this forum, the Newbie does not stand a chance, because of failed trolls who can't overcome their own egos, selfishness and rank stupidity.

If this forum were a tool of communication and extended learning in any organization where I have been charged with leading, it would get ripped out by its roots and replaced with something that actually fulfills that mandate. So, of course, this Forum has nothing whatsoever to do with the New Trader getting up to speed in the business of Trading. Not even close.

The very fact that a troll who is clueless about a trading idea, would have an opinion about that same trading idea, is proof positive that this Forum was NEVER created to help you become a better Trader. This forum was created for some other purpose, having absolutely NOTHING to do with being a place of support, learning, knowledge building or skills development for the Newbie. And, as a direct result, this forum frowns upon your success as a Trader.

For merely starting-up a thread to talk about new ideas (of all things), or for starting-up a thread to show what kinds of things can be accomplished through hard/smart work and a commitment to the profession, you get your thread filled with moronic leaches and trolls who have no idea what they are crying about, how you derived your new idea or concept, or how beneficial it has been to you as a Trader. That is the MO of this forum. Don't bring new ideas. Just bring a fools mentality and you will fit right in here.


After being told by one of these unanimous trolls that what I was discussing in my thread could not possibly work (as if he was sitting in my office doing my research for me) and that I was a fool for even talking about my research, and that if what I was posting about really did work, that I would have no problem posting lives trades. So, I posted this:

I laid out precisely what my system had projected would happen for the week and I posted very acute details about my cost basis that week. Eventually, those 17 trades resulted in this:

I did not come to the forum for that, and I did not set out to embarrass the troll that way, but he asked for it, so I gave him exactly what he asked for. I was trading on average between $300,000.00 to $500,000.00 back when I made that post (on average). That was my average weekly cost basis into and out of the currency markets. That's how I trade. That's how I run my business. That's how I consistently grow my capital. That's why I am a successful Trader and that is why I was able to meet the trolls challenge, though I did not come here for that purpose. The reason why I came was clearly stated in the very first post I made in that thread, some time ago.

By the time I closed out all of my positions, I had a net fairly well clear of $300,000.00 for that week.

But, what do you notice inside that same thread as well? Not one of these Professional Trolls said a word about all those trades. Not one of them challenged the results that were posted live, nor did any one of them say anything about the updates throughout the week that were posted live as well. So, what did they do? They did what only Professional Trolls can do - they ignored their own request that I post something live, pretended that all 17 positions did not exist, and proceeded to continue to spew idiotic drivel, in spite of what they had just witnessed with their own eyes.

Now, if that does not tell you something about the pathological mentality of the average Naysaying Troll on this board, then nothing else will. After that, I vowed to myself to never post another series of trades on this board.

First, I merely came to talk about the elements of my trading technology that I could talk about in public. The mere talking about ideas got attacked by trolls. I was then "called out" and told to prove my technology by posting live trades. I then placed not one, but seventeen of them live and in real-time with live/real-time updates along the way. Those trades got ignored by these ProTrolls.

Do you think that if I had lost money on those trades, that these Trolls would have ignored it then. Hardly. They would have been all over it and they would still be posting links to it in THIS thread. But, why have you not seen any link to that thread which showed what I just posted above. Because, these people are have no ethical backbone, no intellectual honesty and no desire to ever admit their own culpability for lowering the status of this forum, into the mud where the vast majority of all trading forums have devolved, which is very unfortunate for the Newbie trying to get up to speed.

Now, it is the MA Cross. Because the non-trading, naysaying, Professional Trolls have not found a way to make it work, then it just can't be done - period. And, if it can be done, it damn sure won't be done on their forum, because the ProTroll is going to do everything in his power to keep it from happening on their forum. The Newbie has to stop and asking him/her self: Why is that? Why are these people so anti-progress? What are they afraid might happen, if I successful trader shows me how to trade a simple MA cross? What could be so earth shattering about a real trading showing me how to accomplish that? These are the questions the Newbie should be asking.

So, this is the mentality that you are dealing with here on this forum, Newbie. However, I'm afraid to tell you Newbie, that this is NOT unique to this forum alone. There are many forums out there that seem to honor, support and cherish the Troll. Those who can't produce the kind of results that I demonstrated on this forum, are the same trolls blocking you from learning, growing, developing and figuring out how to survive and thrive in this business on your own. Forums that do not have moderators worth their weight in salt and who actively participate in supporting Trolls, will never be the kind of forum where you will find substance, footing and clues about becoming a consistently profitable Trader over the long haul.

You have a severe uphill climb in a negative place like this forum, Newbie. And, you owe it all to the classic Neo-Naysaer Non-Trader, who pretends to have a mandate to protect the forum from so-called vendors. All the while, using that lie as a cover for the malformed behavior that was never properly managed by their parents when they were children. It is the cold hard truth about much of the online world, but it is the truth, nonetheless. A very hard pill and bitter for the Naysaying Clueless Troll to swallow, but good medicine regardless of how sour it tastes going down.

I've been out here for years doing my level best to support the New Guy in the currency trading business, by willingly sharing certain principles and concepts that helped me produce the kinds of results that I've been experiencing in my career as a Trader who actually trades not for a living, but to build real wealth and future organizations with an eye on doing my small part in making the planet a better place to live. Over those same number of years, I've talked in excruciating detail about some of the technical elements of my trading technology - to the extent that I can talk about such things in public. Those elements that I could not talk about in public were not exposed.

I've seen the attitudinal changes over the years in the online world of trading. There used to be a time when all people really gave a hoot about was learning and improving their skills. Today, things are different. The trollish naysaying losers have become the stumbling blocks for the New Guys looking for a place to get up to speed. Today, the losing trolls far out-number the successful traders online. So, when the Newbie comes in contact with these lost souls, they quickly get turned-off and de-motivated in their learning process. The Newbie gets quickly un-inspired and ends up walking away, feeling like there really is no genuine Community of Traders worth spending your valuable time with.

I feel sorry for the New Guy, looking for community support these days in an attempt to help get themselves up to speed in the business. You really do have much more difficult road to travel than I ever did, given the narrow minded and defeated mentalities that you have to deal with whenever you venture online.

I wish the New Guy all the best. You are just not going to find it in the midst of so much foolishness and negativity. Sorry, but that is the real truth about places like this, ultimately.


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Don't forget guys & gals - you're looking for at least 15 pips divergence between price and MA to consider entry on the M15 TF in addition to whatever else you use to get in. When it gets to 30+ pips divergence , you’re looking to take your exit.
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