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I’m a software developer, i run a small software company specialised in web and mobile applications… I’m also a newbie in the trading world.

For the past months i’ve been studying (from books and different sites, blogs, etc) how the stock markets work, as well as all other markets as futures, options and forex.

It’s needless to say that this business is one of the most difficult for beginners since it’s filled with scammers, fraudulent guys just trying to sell their dvd’s, books, subscriptions, and any other type of product, without giving actual practical and proven profitable techniques to use for trading. Obviously, it’s not supposed to be easy, otherwise a lot more people would be rich by now.

Now, getting into my proposal, i’m offering my developer skills (as well as my team of programmers, as necessary…) in order to create a custom system that will handle all the steps of the trading process, automatically, without human intervention (expect for definition of basic parameters for startup), from determining the strategies that fit better the markets in a specific point of time, to executing the actual orders and process the transactions directly with the broker(s). This will also must come with the respective tracking features that will monitor the performance and reliability of such system, and to verify the results (first with virtual environments).

I have years of experience developing all types of applications, extremely comfortable with algorithms that require highly logical or mathematical tweaking, i know how web services work, making relatively easy to successfully communicate with a particular broker API’s (Application Programming Interfaces), and to query all the variables necessary in order to get a specific set of setups working. Using several programming languages and programming environments is not a problem either.

I will offer the development of such system for free, as i’m not looking for profit in selling the software, i’m looking for profit in using the software itself. That’s why i need someone who already has the experience and who uses a particular group of strategies that have been proven to work by himself in his trading history. I need a person that has at least a year using a successful methodology and has been capable of working as a full-time trader using that methodology. In order for it to work, he must master such methods, since it must be very precise (no room for judging or simple “common sense”), in terms of which conditions at which markets, with variables at this or that particular range, with global indicators pointing at this or that range, and so forth…

In general, how this “partnership” will work is very simple, i provide the development of the system, you provide the trading know-how expertise, we will both be owners of the product and you can do whatever you want with it, so do i. There will be no implications in terms of accounts associated, except if we agree to create shared testing accounts to prove the performance of the programs created… all that and other kinds of agreements can be discussed but the basic idea is that you gain a system that uses your methods automatically and work as your brain would/should when analysing the markets (even better, since you already know that all criteria and relevant decision making for this particular area is translatable into algorithm sequences/iterations,etc… reducing the risk of human emotional intervention or error), i gain the knowledge that would probably take me years to get without orientation in order to learn and master decent trading skills.

We can talk better about this project, i can share my personal information, etc…, we can talk via Skype or any other way, just let me know that you’re interested and you match the profile, and that you will be available for the duration of the project, for which i think we are dealing with at least a couple of months.

Thanks all for your time, hoping this reach the right person,

Kind regards,

Alexander Fradiani.


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great pitch alex but if someone smart enough to get a profitable trading system theyre not going to be stupid enough to give it to you for free

HI Ballard

I have a great method that as been working for over 7 years for me and I am basically giving away 90% of the system / strategy free on another thread on this forum :LOL:

For a normal manual trader it will take him still a few years to become really good at carrying it out - and they will need a few thousand hrs just watching live charts to get the feel and knowledge

I have had several offers from programmers - but in the past I reckon I would be wasting my time and there's and the end result still would not be as good as an experienced human brain decision - only $100's of K's or even millions of dollars in development can achieve the required results for hedge funds and banks

Surely to be able to replicate my complex system into a suitable software and develop it would cost hundreds of thousand of pounds and probably 9 to 18 months to achieve a proper result

If these guys want to spend a minimum £100k+ on copying what I do with me still owning 76% of the copy rights - they are welcome


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