Looking partnership for CME DMA trading.


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I like offer deal with my as with quant and trading system developer and programmer under the 50/50% profit split base.
I researched and developed HFT model for CME E-mini.
This model need CME IOM status leasing at least for reduce the CME fee and DMA for reduce latency (at least 500 microseconds in peak time from the order from exchange before the report from exchange with received report).
On chart below I calculated the model with CME IOM leasing fee (for 71 trading days - i have CME quotes for this period).


I tried run myself via Rithmic.com but they have big latency for me (around 400-500 microseconds when market in not peak and around 4-5 milliseconds when peak market time).
My model need 500 microseconds latency in peak time.
I'll pay for first 3 month Aurora hosting (like start with http://hfttech.com/) Then we will split hosting fee under 50/50% base.
During the first month of live connection I'll able check market latency and model performance. Then I'll able run model live for 30-50 lots (sure I'll start from 1-3 lots and then increase it step by step).
And I'm guaranty that I'll able compensate any losses after live tests.
Notice that I have already researched and developed model that I run via Rithmic.com (C++ for RHEL) and I'll able run quickly.
My estimation that I'll able run 30-50 lots with average daily $300-350 profit per lot.
Then I can run FESX on EUREX - my model will work for this futures also.
My model do not spam exchange and really available for start under the exchange order send/cancel conditons.
I like offer set term of agreement to 12-18 month for CME & EUREX.

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