System Trading: Custom Strategy Development


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Have you ever had a system you wanted to fully develop and run automatically without human interference?

Do you lack the time/programming knowledge to develop your own proprietary system?

Are you afraid of running a system on your PC due to slow internet connection or various issues at your home that might slow down your PC and thus interfere with the generation of trading signals?

Strategy Runner has the ability to develop the strategy you have always desired and run it automatically from our enhanced servers, located at your broker.

While you are pondering the differences between our development services and our competitors, we would like to illustrate only a few of our many advantages over any other company in the industry:

1) No one but us can offer you a strategy residing on a server and executing its logic completely hands free.

Though our competitors develop strategies, these strategies run on your personal computer. This means that if you loose your internet connection, if your PC malfunctions or even if the power goes down for an hour, you are left 'naked' and your strategy no longer operates.

2) While our competitors will quote you on an hourly basis, we will evaluate and quote you on your whole project, supplying you with a complete solution to all you ever need.

We will never charge you if you require additional phone or email assistance before, during or after the project has been completed. We will always display professional and ethical service towards our clients and prospects.

3) Professional tools that come with your strategy.

When your project ends, we will deploy your strategy to one of our servers. We will supply you with a professional simulation tool, which will provide you with the ability to run your strategy during each day over the last three/four years and graphically present the results/performance of your strategy on top of market diagram.

Additionally, we will import your strategy to a simulated paper account and you will be able to see it operate in real conditions before going live with it.

4) Support until you are fully satisfied.

We are proud of our customer support. The great feedback we're receiving from our clients makes us certain we can provide every prospect with the best service on earth! (check out our testimonial section:

Unlimited support will be given to any customer or prospect needing it, free of charge of-course.

5) Distribution to additional prospects.

This is only an option, but if you wish to distribute your strategy to additional prospects at any point of time, we will enable this option for you.

Interested to learn more?
Please contact us at the details below or send an email to us at:

The Strategy Development Team.

Strategy Runner Ltd
Tel (US toll free): 1866-312-1184
Fax (Local): (586) 314 5050
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