Long future / CFD + Long Put for Day Trading strategy - can suggest good brokerage needed


I wan to day trade using this strategy SPX indices Long Futures or CFD + Long Put . sometimes in addition may sell CAll option to make it as collar or convert put to Vertical spread .Looking for right broker for the above setup with my little capital of 4K usd.

Tastyworks & Interactive -margin for futures too high .
Saxo -not happy with the platform .
TD Ameritrade ,Tradestation platform account opening is pending for Long time
IG trading - option strategy facility not available

1. Could see brokers like amp futures offering Low margin for futures . Any one can share experience on future positions margin policy on volatile time

But feel customer support not helping very much for initial setup like choosing platform and on replies .

2. Any other suggestions on a brokerage . Even a CFD brokerage is also fine (I’m a non - us resident) but need support for option strategies from the brokerages