Logica (LOG)

A couple of weeks ago i said i would'nt be surprised if LOG fell to £14.Well it did this am. Pity we can't dig up the original thread.
Where does it go from here ??

Lost 34 points today on 80% avg vol. Buys outweigh Sells 2:1
Huge buy at close - almost £6 million.

Chart views please........ ?? maybe due for a bounce off the bottom bollinger band ?? or has it breached.

Does TA hold any significance with this share at the moment or does the Nasdaq rule??

Lets sort this one out !!

I have posted today on this. I will just open a new thread, given the high amount of postings I have come up recently, the best thing is to click on any and see in the archive what I have been up to!

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Hi Cookie,

UBS Warburg has reduced its price target for LOG to £18 from £24 ...though still reiterating strong buy...as you know still a downgrade is bad news...

good luck

Cookie poses the questionof the significance of TA regarding this stock:

With the upper BB flat at 1943 and the Lower BB going down with the share price at 1440; the RSI, Stoch Momentum, CMO and Williams all heading south where does one see a rise coming from.

Having penetrated the Lower BB for the second time since the 3/1 and my 10 day MA below the 20 day, with a widening gap, together with volume about average, it may be reaching a point of reversal.

Therefore it is now on my watch list for a change in fortune. There could be profits from this.

What do others think

It is definitively there, if you click on any link to my articles, and then go to the bottom of it, where it says "more article from Charty", it is the 5th for today.

I just post a link below for anyone to get there.

Visit the article by clicking on the URL below: http://www.themestream.com/articles/287859.html?pid=002401000001

The above does not represent financial advice.
Hi cookie, good holiday ?
Glad you brought this back, i'm getting very itchy fingers on LOG. missed it last time,went for MYS instead.
Agree with John. If the NAZ ends ok tonight there could be potential for quick profits.
I'd prefer a bit more downside first though.
Lets be careful. Apart from the first hour i'm out tomorrow so you can understand which way i'd prefer it to go.
Fundamentally there is absolutely nothing amiss with LOG.
Good luck

ps can't find the 6 mil trade?
Hi again Cookie,

We followed log all day at the chatroom as Dayraider and Nobrainer were in…unfortunately earlier when the price was above 1500..

There are no 6m buys at close…buys: 1,530,270 sells: 1,089,643 ?: 42,707
Intraday high: 1545 (early morning), low: 1445, climbed back to 1510 an hour before closing at 1465..orders left on L2 order book: buys: 68k, sells: 59k

Can’t see anything positive chartwise..all indicators I use point to a reversal, as John says, breaching lower bollinger band is something log has done a few times in the last 3 times…this time bollinger bands are widening and the lower and 20 day ones are also heading down sharply…there could be a dip here unless the market rallies tomorrow…we’ll sure be watching it for a good chance to get in only when the hammering comes to an end…

Adding to my post above UBS also changed its strong buy advise to buy…not reiterating buy…looks like ukinvest got it wrong…


I think we need to find out the reason why for UBS downgrade just in case it is something fundemental…


Riz you are quite right.
When i said there was nothing amiss, i should have said "in my opinion".
In a down trend channel with support at 1375. The charts look terrible, with the current up tick likely to be only a small pull back- expect more of the same.1330 after that is the next resistance.

Thankyou God and Thankyou Logica !!

Martin it just goes to prove how inefective charts are with regard to TMT,s in relation to the current climate and especially the Naz effect.

Good for you Cookie.
I could tell you a few juicy tales about this one but you'll understand my reluctance to do so in public.