Linear regression indicator/ Time series forecast

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Aug 10, 2002
Hi, could anyone point me in the direction of a good technical analysis site with realtime LR/TSF/Weighted Moving Averages ?

I have a particular interest in the S&P 500 daily and/or futures thru finspreads using, it`s a good site, but I have to keep refreshing for the latest Prices and TA.

Thanks for any feedback!


Active member
Mar 25, 2001
London, Edgware
prophetfinance provides RT US indices from

you can try for RT indices as well

and also . This provides RT US indices as well as RT US equities. However, there are no trendline drawing tools, and indicators are limited.

RT futures from
but u have to refresh your browser to see an update.

You'll prob have to register, but they are all free.

I don't think any do regression indicators, tho' i could well be wrong.